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Ability: Eats 2 dishes. Cooking speed 30% up.
Prerequisite(s): Complete Wounded Bear's Cookery Lessons.
Lives in:

Icon-Cellphone Promo City

Icon Heart Memento

Animal Trap
Animal Trap
Heavy and dangerous, even a bear would not be able to escape once trapped in it.
  • For this Memento requirements, see: Mementos

First VisitEdit

Wounded Bear Wounded Bear
How was the fish last time? Fresh, right? I'll let ya know when we have more! Luckily I managed to escape from that hunter's knife with moth my life and the strength to fish for a living!
My friends weren't so lucky, though! I'm telling ya, don't hold back against those hunters. I'd sooner be hurt in a fight that wait for them to cut my stomach open!


Eggy the Handyman Eggy the Handyman
What is this? It looks like shark teeth.

Wounded Bear
All of you used to be domestic cats that's why you have not seen it before. This is an animal trap. Don't touch it!
Wounded Bear

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