Ver 3.5 Edit

(Update Release Jan. 21st, 2020.)
  • Added Spring Festival series facilities.
  • Added Spring Festival limited mails.
  • Spring Festival events are open for a limited time (Collect memento and get Blessed Bag gift).
  • Added Spring Festival dishes.
  • Added Spring Festival special memento.
  • Added Spring Festival limited customers.

Ver 3.3 Edit

(Update Release Jan. 4th, 2020.)

  • New Login Method:LINE app Login
  • Game optimizations and BUG fixed

Ver 3.1 Edit

(Update Release Dec. 17th, 2019.)

  • New Game Scene: Strange Fish Pond
  • New Employee: Rabbit Ding
  • New Customers
  • New Gameplay: Gachapon Machine
  • New Events for Christmas
  • Game optimizations and BUG fixed
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