This log will be updated as changes to the content of Animal Restaurant (Global Version) are made.

v8.9.8.g[edit | edit source]

Update 8.9.8.g.jpg
June 11st 2021

v8.9.0.g[edit | edit source]

Update 8.9.0.g.jpg
May 31st 2021

v8.8.9.g[edit | edit source]

Update 8.8.9.g.jpg
May 15th 2021

“Welcome back, boss! It's been x day(s) since we last saw you. Everyone at the restaurant missed you. We even prepared some gifts to celebrate your return.”
— Returner's gift

v8.8.3.g[edit | edit source]

Update 8.8.3.g.jpg
Apr. 30th 2021

v8.7.19.g[edit | edit source]

Apr. 16th 2021

Update 8.7.19.g.png

v8.7.16.g[edit | edit source]

Mar. 31st 2021

Update 8.7.16.g.png

v8.7.15.g[edit | edit source]

Mar. 23rd 2021

Update 8.7.14.g.jpg

v8.7.11.g[edit | edit source]

Mar. 5th 2021

Update 8.7.11.g.png

  • New spring customer: Mister Gecko
  • New recipe: Pineapple Rice
  • Added the March 8th Courtyard Get-together event. (from 6:00 on March 8th to 6:00 on March 9th)
  • 1 new letter: Eggy's Diary 15 (available for a limited time during the event from 6:00 on March 8th to 6:00 on March 9th)
  • New achievements.

v8.7.10.g[edit | edit source]

Mar. 1st 2021

Update 8.7.10.g.jpg

  • Add 2 new headgear in the Signature Store: Straw Bucket Hat and Cup Noodles Hat
  • Add 1 new vehicle in the Signature Store: Deep-sea Submarine
  • Add 1 doll and doll corresponding to guests: Wild Duck Navigator
  • The progress of obtaining mementos is now displayed.
  • Small adjustment to the Magnifying Glass.pngMagnifying Glass: the chance of getting Magnifying Glass.pngMagnifying Glass is reduced if players have accumulated a lot of them.
  • New takeout reviews with photo.

v8.7.0.g[edit | edit source]

Feb. 7th 2021

Update 8.7.0.g.jpg

v8.6.16.g[edit | edit source]

Feb. 1st 2021

v8.6.11.g[edit | edit source]

Jan. 22nd 2021

Update 8.6.10.g.png

v8.6.5.g[edit | edit source]

Dec. 31st 2020

Update 8.6.5.g.png

  • Add 3 new letters: Hamster's Diary 3, Phantom's Letter 3, Fashion Magazine. It is said that an employee was invited to participate in the filming. The photo taken will appear on the cover of the new letter
  • 2 new mementos boomerang and sketchbook have been added: How to get it, just wait for the bosses to explore by themselves~.
  • The classification of the newly added pictorial system:
    • Customers are divided into: customers, special, and stall owners.
    • Memorials are divided into: memorial and costume.
  • Update the questions in Help and Support.
  • 4 new orders in the Main Restaurant.
  • Game description close button change

Previously, the boss reported that the game description of the stall owner’s mini game was gray, which was suspected to be a game bug. In this regard, we have optimized and added a 6s countdown to the close button.

v8.6.0.g[edit | edit source]

Dec. 17th 2020

Update 8.6.0.g.png

  • Christmas exclusive event (December 19 12:00 AM to December 31 11:59 PM). Piece together the Christmas story to get gifts.
  • Added the new Christmas Elf NPC. (Talk to the Christmas Elf to start the Christmas event.)
  • Added 4 new normal mementos: Reindeer Bell, Reindeer Candy, Little Snowman and Christmas Knit.
  • Added 2 Head Accessories to the Signature Store: Santa Beard and Mistletoe Hair Clip.
  • Added 1 new letter: Christmas Card 2020. (Can only be obtained between December 25-31)
  • The 2019 Christmas Card returns. (Can be obtained from the Gachapon.)
  • Added new Christmas-themed Restaurant Tables, Garden and Courtyard facilities that will be available to purchase for a limited time.(Some of these facilities can only be obtained via the event during the event, but can be purchased with cod after the event.)
  • Increased the chance of obtaining 2019 Christmas mementos(19.12 ~ 31.12)

v8.5.8.g[edit | edit source]

Dec. 11th 2020

Update 8.5.8.g.png

v8.5.0.g[edit | edit source]

Nov. 19th, 2020

Update 8.5.0.g.png

v8.4.15.g[edit | edit source]

Nov. 13th, 2020

Update 8.4.15.g.png

v8.4.0.g[edit | edit source]

Oct. 27th, 2020

Update 8.4.0.g.png

v8.3.3.g[edit | edit source]

Oct. 24th, 2020

Update 8.3.3.g.png

v8.3.0.g[edit | edit source]

Sep. 29th, 2020.

Update 8.3.0g.png

v8.2.0.g[edit | edit source]

1 Year New Update.png
Sep. 15th, 2020.

  • Added anniversary related events. (Sep.18 - Sep. 30)
  • Added 7-day Login rewards during the anniversary event.
  • Added fruit-series facilities. (During the event, some of the facilities can only be obtained via anniversary gift box, and they cannot be bought with cod until the event ends.
  • Added fruit-series wallpapers (can be bought at Signature Store).
  • Added a special customer - Prince Michael. (Prince Michael is available for 3 months only and won't be listed in the Handbook.)
  • Added 5 new mementos, and you can get 2 of them via community redemption code.
  • Added 2 new letters and 1 new dish.
  • Recovered the fixed income of staff Yolky working part-time.
  • Redemption Code: happybirthday
  • Redemption Code(Shark Hat): 20200918
  • Code Validity: UTC 2020-09-18 - 2020-09-30

v8.1.0.g[edit | edit source]

Update 52.png
Sep. 4th, 2020.

  • Added the 7th new scene: Courtyard.
  • Added Friend visiting gameplay at Courtyard.
  • Added Friends Treasure Hunt gameplay.
  • Added new currency at Courtyard: Film.
  • Added booth mini-game "Game Machine" at Courtyard.
  • Replaced the display of Promotion Upgrade to the "Speaker" at Courtyard.
  • Added 4 new wearable mementos.
  • Added 1 new Freshly-Made Recipe: Bah Kut Teh.

v7.6.1.g[edit | edit source]

Update 5.1.png
Aug. 11th, 2020.

v7.5.3.g[edit | edit source]

Edrj jlVAAAHsRG.png
Jul. 24th, 2020.

Jul. 17th, 2020.

Upate 5.0.png
Jul. 15th, 2020.

v7.3.12.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v7.3.10.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v7.3.5.g[edit | edit source]

May 29th, 2020.

  • Added 4 new booth mini-games (Old Joe, Tailor Liu, Cut Cake, Sketch Artist).
  • Added the Children's Day limited-time holiday event.
  • Added an in-game "Help & Support" section.
  • Added the new Bad Rating Fix feature in the Takeout.
  • Added the new Takeout Order Refresh feature .
  • Reduced bad ratings received when takeout items are being restocked.

v7.0.15.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v7.0.7.g[edit | edit source]


Apr. 28th, 2020.

v6.6.6.g[edit | edit source]

  • Added OfferWall.
  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v6.6.5.g[edit | edit source]

Mar. 20th, 2020.

  • Added new gameplay: collecting dolls through Gachapon (collect doll fragments to summon corresponding customers).
  • Added doll exhibition icon (next to the Gachapon icon).
  • Added new Buffet dishes.
  • Added two new Letters.
  • Added Spring limited customer: Duke Swallow.
  • Added mysterious customer: Dr. Puppy.
  • Added 3 new Mementos.

v6.4.13.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v6.4.5.g[edit | edit source]


Jan. 21st, 2020.

  • Added Spring Festival series facilities.
  • Added Spring Festival limited letters and events.
  • Added Spring Festival dishes.
  • Added Spring Festival special memento.
  • Added Spring Festival limited customers.

v6.2.10.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v6.2.9.g[edit | edit source]

Jan. 4th, 2020.

  • New login method: LINE app.
  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v6.2.4.g[edit | edit source]

Dec. 17th, 2019.

v5.8.14.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v5.8.12.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v5.8.11.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v5.8.10.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v5.8.9.g[edit | edit source]

Halloween Banner2.jpg
Oct. 23rd, 2019.

  • Added a whole new set of facilities for Halloween.
  • Halloween Carnival event is open.
  • Added new dishes.
  • Added new special character: Mister Roach.
  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

v5.3.6.g[edit | edit source]

  • Game optimizations and bugs fixed.

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