Timmy can be unlocked with Cod30,000 in the staff menu.


Timmy boosts movement speed, and makes troublesome Customers like Cod-Stealing Rabbit, Mister Roach and Skunk leave for tea every so often.

Wearable MementosEdit

Timmy can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Artist Hat
Artist Hat
Rating+15 Serve Artist Badger to get.
Curly Wig
Curly Wig
Rating+15 Serve Glamourous Lady 30 times.
Nurse Hat
Nurse Hat
Rating+15 Serve Rescue Dog 50 times.
Pastry Beret
Pastry Beret
Rating+55 Obtained via Gachapon.
Memento-Gachapon 4
Stacking Cups Hat
Rating+45 Obtained via Gachapon.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Speed Boost Frequency Drive Out Times Cost
HIRE Rating6 2% 0.5 sec. 1 time Cod30,000
MAX Rating88 50% 0.3 sec. 5.8 times Cod?
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