• Hi Mieiki,

    I'd like to change the recipes table a little. I will change the heading of earning -> max earning, thus only displaying the maximum earnings after all upgrades. I was wondering if you'd mind because it's quite a modification to the entire structure. Let me know your opinion.


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    • Hey!

      I don't like the current format either. When I first created the table I had another idea in mind, I wanted to include every single earning (base + all upgrades) in the main table on the Recipes page, but it would be too much data. I don't particularly like the idea of having JUST the max earning,

      We could keep the base earning in the main table/page, and have all the upgrades with max earnings listed in the Food's dedicated page maybe?

      Looking forward to hearing more from you, thank you for your feedback!!

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    • Hi,

      Most of the earnings are already listed as the max earning. i tried to add both initial and maximum earnings but it take too much space. so i just added what i have of the max earning the to the list.

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    • A FANDOM user
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