Appearance Name Description
Traditional Popcorn Traditional Popcorn Very traditional popcorn. It creates an explosive bang while cooking.
Old Joe Old Joe Old Joe's wife sets up a stall outside the school gate everyday, while Old Joe pulls customers in the streets. The Chicky's Ends they grill are liked by all students.
Portrait Drawing Booth Portrait Drawing Booth Inelegantly collects ten dollars for each portrait. Though every person looks about the same, the queue is rather long.
Sketch Artist Sketch Artist Elegantly drawing something.
Picnicking Rabbit Picnicking Rabbit The rabbit picknicking alone is enjoying a pile of food with just a tinge of loneliness.
Hillside's Stinkiest Hillside's Stinkiest Nobody knows how this Fried Tofu is made, nor do we dare ask.
Picnicking Duck Picnicking Duck Camping isn't an easy thing for a family of eight.
Prosperity Pineapple Prosperity Pineapple Toad's Pineapple Shop. Free if it ain't sweet!
Wholegrain Pancake Wholegrain Pancake Add sausage. Add chicken fillet. Add crisp fritter.
Convenience Buns Convenience Buns Convenient, hygienic and tasty microwave buns.
Love-filled Buns Love-filled Buns Buns just as advertised.
Reverie Cotton Candy Reverie Cotton Candy Perhaps only those with hearts filled with love can make delicious cotton candy.
Slum Cotton Candy Slum Cotton Candy Full of childhood memories.
Stray Wild Panda Stray Wild Panda Looks familiar. Is it the panda? But he's very dirty and skinny.
Scavenging Skinny Dog Scavenging Skinny Dog Give him your unwanted clothes and plastic bottles. He'll be very grateful.
Booth Owner 16 Candied Hawthorn Very sweet! Strawberries and hawthorns available!
Booth Owner 17 Mouse Market The worst mouse in the world left the circus and opened a market with his own savings. Rumors say that there's even an online store now. Try looking up 'Mouse Market'.
Booth Owner 18 Flower Shop Shiba Liang is very gentle, even to flowers.
Booth Owner 19 Bunny's Back Garden The shop owner thinks that flowers can bring happiness. That's why he opened a flower shop, in hopes that everyone will find their happiness.
Garden Plot Garden Plot He only does three things everyday: reading, eating and watering flowers.
Booth Owner 21 Cut Cake The boss's eyes hide dollar signs.
Booth Owner 22 Bamboo Hot and Sour Noodles Boss Wiggins, the creator of the Bamboo Hot and Sour Noodles, is well-loved by those who prefer mild-tasting food.
Terrible Pancake Terrible Pancake Only when others say your food taste awful, then it is really awful. What are you doing criticizing your own food?
Booth Owner 24 Japanese Cuisine The boss usually speaks little but, occasionally, late at night, he chats with lonely customers about the things they want to do in the future.
Raccoon's Takoyaki Raccoon's Takoyaki Takoyaki is especially popular with youngsters.
Rabbit's Breakfast Rabbit's Breakfast The best of the peddlers in the village, Top3, has extraordinary peddling skills and is planning to publish a book called 'Peddling'.
Booth Owner 27 Hedgehog's Breakfast Has just graduated from highschool and is temporarily manning the stall for his family during the holidays, though he thinks this is harder than confessing to a girl.
Booth Owner 28 Sweet Malt Candy A traditional delight with a long history. Two dollars to spin the left wheel and five to spin the right, which is said to be easier to get the dragon, but ends up giving the quail every time...
Booth Owner 29 Scavenging Puppies and Kitties A cool doggo turned gentle thanks to a kitty's company.
Beancurd Dessert Beancurd Dessert Shiba's specialty beancurd.
Booth Owner 31 Bowl Pudding Smooth and delicious, rich and aromatic.
Booth Owner 32 Ice Cream Stall Sweet and yummy!
Booth Owner 33 Golden Fried Potatoes Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Looks really delicious!
Booth Owner 34 American Hot Dog A very big serving. You'll feel full after just half of it.
Booth Owner 35 Honeydew Shaved Ice Made from natural ice straight from Antarctica.
Booth Owner 36 Traditional Bowl Pudding Traditional Bowl Pudding has an even richer taste!
Booth Owner 37 Fresh Glutinous Rice Cake A common childhood snack, but hardly seen any more.
Booth Owner 38 Egg Waffle The egg waffle of childhood smells really appetizing.
Booth Owner 39 Tailor Liu After years of sewing and mending clothes, his technique is top-notch.
Booth Owner 40 Love Salon Professional hairdresser. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Booth Owner 41 Fried Quail Eggs Fried to a golden brown. It tastes even better with condiments.
Booth Owner 42 Ice Cream Truck Many flavors to choose from. Bring your own stool!
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