Yolky can be unlocked for Cod500,000 after purchasing the Buffet expansion.


Yolky works part-time at the Buffet. Every 4 hours, he earns a certain amount of PlatesPlates based on his raise level.

Wearable Mementos

Yolky can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Rating+15 Serve Programmer's Dog 15 times.
Froggy Hat
Froggy Hat
Rating+115 Obtained via Gachapon.
Rating+15 Serve French Bulldog 230 times.
Pig's Nose
Pig's Nose
Rating+15 Serve Pig 40 times.
Rabbit Hat
Rabbit Hat
Rating+15 Serve White Bunny 3,000 times. Sell 3,500 Taiyaki.

Raise Upgrades

LVL Rating Plates/4h Cost
HIRE Rating50 Plates50 Cod500,000
? Rating80 Plates55 Cod120,000
? Rating110 Plates60 Cod180,000
? Rating140 Plates65 Cod240,000
? Rating170 Plates70 Cod300,000
? Rating200 Plates75 Cod360,000
? Rating230 Plates80 Cod?
? Rating260 Plates85 Cod580,000
? Rating290 Plates90 Cod740,000
? Rating320 Plates95 Cod900,000
? Rating360 Plates100 Cod?
? Rating400 Plates105 Cod?
? Rating440 Plates110 Cod1,500,000
? Rating480 Plates115 Cod?
? Rating520 Plates120 Cod1,900,000
? Rating560 Plates125 Cod2,200,000
? Rating600 Plates130 Cod2,500,000
? Rating640 Plates135 Cod2,800,000
? Rating680 Plates140 Cod3,100,000
? Rating720 Plates145 Cod3,400,000
? Rating770 Plates150 Cod3,800,000
? Rating820 Plates155 Cod4,200,000
? Rating870 Plates160 Cod4,600,000
? Rating920 Plates165 Cod5,000,000
MAX Rating970 Plates170 Cod5,400,000


Yolky is constantly drinking Pearl Milk Tea.

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