PageIcon.png Requirements

Exclamation1.png Picky: Rating must reach Rating.png10,000
Required Food: Soy Milk & Cruller, Bento, Popcorn, Cookies
Dishes Ordered: Chicken Burger, Soy Milk & Cruller, Spaghetti, Popcorn, Cookies, Coconut Cassia Wine, Strawberry Shaved Ice, Sycee Dumplings
Prerequisite(s): Obtain Shiba Puppy's Photo.
Lives in:

Icon-Cellphone Promo.png City

Share Reward: Cod.png60,000
Appearance WeightQuestion.png: 150

* As long as the required facilities are bought, the customer will have a chance to visit. The current displayed furniture doesn't have an effect on attracting customers.
* Appearance weight indicates how often this customer will appear. Those with low numbers have lower chance to appear than those with higher numbers, Ex: 5000 - very common, 100 - rare.

Icon Heart.png Memento

A present from Shiba Puppy to Animal Restaurant. Don't worry, it has never been used.

Serve Shiba Puppy 15 times.

Kindergartener Hat.png
Kindergartener Hat
Put on this yellow hat and the big animals will give way to you.
Serve Shiba Puppy 35 times.
  • For all Memento requirements, see: Mementos

Biscuits That The Shibas' Puppy Brought For His Mom

Chef Gumi gives cookies to any cute animals he sees. Maybe it's because he baked too many?


Cod.png+99999, Rating.png+99, Time.png 24 hours

Order Placement

Shiba Puppy.png Shiba Puppy
Chef Gumi
Chef Gumi.png
Shiba Puppy.png Shiba Puppy
Chef Gumi
... There're biscuits baking in the oven. Come get them tomorrow and take them home for your parents to try.
Chef Gumi.png


Shiba Puppy.png Shiba Puppy
Chef Gumi
Who's gonna take him away?
Chef Gumi.png

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