PageIcon.png Requirements

Required Flowers: White Rose.png White Rose
Required Food: Salmon Sushi, Tea, Fries
Dishes Ordered: Salmon Sushi, Tea, Fries, Bibimbap
Ability: Has a 15% chance to give Rating.png2
Lives in:

Icon-TV Promo.png Town

Share Reward: Cod.png4,500
Appearance WeightQuestion.png: 2200

* As long as the required facilities are bought, the customer will have a chance to visit. The current displayed furniture doesn't have an effect on attracting customers.
* Appearance weight indicates how often this customer will appear. Those with low numbers have lower chance to appear than those with higher numbers, Ex: 5000 - very common, 100 - rare.
* Higher level flowers and the number of flower don't affect the chance of attracting flower customer, they only drop more star and stay longer in the vase(s). To attract flower customer, put at least one of each required type of flower in the vase and replace as necessary. For example: to attract Insta-Pup, put one Daisy, one Sunflower and one Bluebell in the vases. Level does NOT matter.

Icon Heart.png Memento

Shiba hat.png
Shiba Hat
Woof woof! I'm a cute shiba too.

Serve Shiba 110 times.

  • For all Memento requirements, see: Mementos

After unlocking White Shiba[edit | edit source]

Shiba.png Shiba
Did you see her? Did you let her know? No, she's not a human. She's the most beautiful dog!
Please tell her I'll wait at the intersection to walk home with her. I want to walk with her every day until we're twenty!

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