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Icon Name Description Time Earnings (max) To learn Cost
Taiyaki Taiyaki A favorite of cats. 2s Cod3300 - Free
Seaweed Rice Ball Seaweed Rice Ball Keepin' it simple! 3s Cod3400 - Free
Purple Sweet Potato Bun Purple Sweet Potato Bun Sweet potato is very good for you. 4s Cod3500 - Cod400
Americano Americano Espresso with water. 6s Cod3800 Rating15 Cod900
Steamed Clams Steamed Clams Found all over the stream. Steam them a bit and they'll be bursting with flavor! 8s Cod3900 Rating25 Cod1000
Adzuki Bean Dumpling Adzuki Bean Dumpling The chickens' hometown always adds adzuki bean to their dumplings. 10s Cod4000 Rating40 Cod1100
Bagel Bagel The pure taste of wheat goes with anything! 12s Cod800 Rating60 Cod2500
Espresso Espresso The tiny cup makes it hard to hold. 14s Cod900 Rating65 Cod2600
Buttered Toast Buttered Toast A freshly-toasted slice of bread slathered with butter. 16s Cod4500 Rating70 Cod2700
Fries Fries Freshly-fried, select potatoes. 18s Cod1500 Rating90 Cod5000
Omurice Omurice A hot omelet with fragrant rice. 20s Cod750 Rating110 Cod5200
Strawberry Pancake Strawberry Pancake The strawberries were picked before dawn. 22s Cod5900 Rating130 Cod5400
Candied Hawthorn Candied Hawthorn A common wild berry with added honey. 24s Cod1000 Complete: Mysterious Order Cod7000
Matcha Taiyaki Matcha Taiyaki Do you think eating taiyaki with matcha can wake you up? 26s Cod1050 Rating150 Cod7400
Porridge & Jam Porridge & Jam The perfect breakfast combo. 30s Cod6800 Rating160 Cod7800
Bibimbap Bibimbap Start mixing before the egg finishes cooking! 34s Cod1300 Rating200 Cod9000
Adzuki Bean Bun Adzuki Bean Bun The homemade filling was cooked overnight. 38s Cod1350 Rating210 Cod9800
Scambled Eggs & Tomatoes Scrambled Eggs & Tomatoes The chef only befriends customers who like this dish. 42s Cod1400 Rating220 Cod10600
Curry Rice Curry Rice You gotta mix it before you eat it. 46s Cod8200 Rating250 Cod15000
Cappuccino Cappuccino A good choice for first-time coffee drinkers. 50s Cod1650 Complete: Wounded Bear's Cookery Lessons Cod2000
Roasted Shrimp Roast Shrimp We're always bugging Mr. Bear to catch shrimp for us. 54s Cod1700 Rating290 Cod22000
Sake Sake Sent by Uncle Shiba. The chef can't get used to the flavor. 60s Cod4000 Rating320 Cod32000
Ramen Ramen Uncle Shiba taught me to make it when I worked with him in Japan. 66s Cod9300 Rating360 Cod34000
Blueberry Pancake Blueberry Pancake The best choice for the season! 72s Cod2500 Rating400 Cod36000
Croissant Croissant Crispy and full of air holes. It's veeeery hard to make! 78s Cod2800 Rating500 Cod45000
Custard Bun Custard Bun Has thin skin and lovely filling. 84s Cod2900 Rating520 Cod48000
Mushroom Pasta Mushroom Pasta The chef seems allergic to mushrooms. 90s Cod11600 Rating540 Cod51000
Roe Sushi Roe Sushi Some people like the feeling of roe bursting in their mouth. 96s Cod6200 Rating590 Cod60000
Dumplings Dumplings They have thin skin and tender filling. 102s Cod3400 Rating620 Cod64000
Whiskey Whiskey Humans drink it when they're sad, so obviously it tastes bad. 108s Cod3500 Rating650 Cod68000
Fried Shrimp Sushi Fried Shrimp Sushi Fried things are always delicious! 114s Cod16000 Rating750 Cod85000
Sushi Roll (Freshly Made) Sushi Roll Troublesome and not fun to make. 120s Cod3900 Rating800 Cod90000
Kebabs Kebabs A timeless way of cooking. 126s Cod7500 Rating850 Cod95000
Hot Pot Hot Pot It's said to be the most popular food in the chef's hometown, but eating it every day is hard on the bowels... 132s Cod4300 Rating1000 Cod110000
Salmon Sushi Salmon Sushi Fish caught by the Bear family. It's only right to eat it raw! 138s Cod4400 Rating1050 Cod116000
Cup Noodles Cup Noodles Smuggled from the rats. 146s Cod32000 Rating1100 Cod122000
Beer Beer Has a nice wheaty fragrance. 154s Cod10500 Rating1250 Cod140000
Pizza Pizza Extra cheese, please! 162s Cod5700 Complete: Begging Raccoon Cod148000
Shaved Ice Shaved Ice Iced things are pretty nice! 170s Cod5900 Rating1320 Cod156000
Tea Tea An energizing drink. 178s Cod6400 Rating1400 Cod186000
Spaghetti Spaghetti The pasta looks like a sheep's wool. 186s Cod50000 Rating1450 Cod196000
Wrap Wrap Packed with eggs and sausage. 194s Cod6800 Rating1500 Cod206000
Soy Milk & Cruller Soy Milk & Cruller Humans seem to like it for breakfast, so we learned to make it! 202s Cod7300 Rating1580 Cod220000
Baked Fish Baked Fish Fresh and tasty! They're limited because there's not enough for the waiters to eat. 210s Cod12500 Rating1630 Cod225000
Fried Rice Fried Rice A timeless recipe using leftover rice and pickled scallions. 218s Cod66000 Rating1680 Cod230000
Taco Taco With meat, vegetables and salsa. The hard shells are difficult to make. 226s Cod8200 Rating1760 Cod260000
Martini Martini Made with an olive. 234s Cod8400 Rating1810 Cod280000
Chocolate Cake Chocolate Cake Eat this to plump up for hibernation! 242s Cod8600 Rating1860 Cod300000
Cupcake Cupcake Baking 101! 250s Cod50000 Rating1910 Cod330000
Bento Bento The chef's master always eats one for lunch. 258s Cod17000 Rating1960 Cod360000
Cola Cola My old master called it 'happy fatty water'. Can it really make you happy...? 266s Cod9500 Rating2200 Cod390000
Fried Tofu Fried Tofu Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. 274s Cod10000 Rating2500 Cod450000
Orange Juice Orange Juice Tastier than beer. 282s Cod66000 Rating2800 Cod500000
Popcorn Popcorn Popcorn and cola - a match made in heaven! 290s Cod11600 Rating3200 Cod550000
Candied Strawberries Candied Strawberries So sweet your teeth'll fall out! 298s Cod12600 Rating3600 Cod700000
Cookies Cookies Comes in all different shapes. 308s Cod13600 Rating4000 Cod800000
Rice Pudding Rice Pudding So sweet! 318s Cod46000 Rating4500 Cod900000
Chicken Burger Chicken Burger A must for hibernation! 328s Cod16000 Rating5000 Cod1200000
Montblanc Montblanc Tastes delicate and sweet. 338s Cod18000 Rating5500 Cod1400000
Sweet Dumplings Sweet Dumplings A delicacy learned from the East. 348s Cod20000 Rating6000 Cod1600000
Mango Surprise Mango Surprise There are three pieces of mango inside. 358s Cod62000 Rating7000 Cod2000000
Takoyaki Takoyaki Careful not to burn your mouth! 368s Cod28000 Rating8000 Cod3500000
Pork on Rice Pork on Rice The reason people cry when they eat it is the onions. 378s Cod32000 Rating9000 Cod5000000
Coconut Cassia Wine Coconut Cassia Wine A sweet liquor with a layer of coconut-flavored milk froth on top. It doesn't taste too strongly of alcohol. 388s Cod74000 Border Collie's Postcard Cod8000000
Cold Watermelon Cold Watermelon Soft and sweet. The middle is the yummiest part! 398s Cod42000 Rating11000 Cod10000000
Spicy Crawdads Spicy Crawdads Be careful not to burn yourself while eating them! 408s Cod48000 Insta-Pup's Letter Cod12000000
Strawberry Shaved Ice Strawberry Shaved Ice All I wanna eat during summer is soft, velvety shaved ice! 418s Cod80000 Rating14000 Cod14000000
Avocado Sandwich Avocado Sandwich A simple sandwich with forest butter. When you bite into it, you will feel your mind and body have been healed. 428s Cod60000 Rating16500 Cod16000000
Iced Lemon Tea Iced Lemon Tea A cup of iced lemon tea is the best thing to quench your thirst after coming in from the heat or eating something spicy. 438s Cod66000 Rating19500 Cod18000000
Chilled Buckwheat Noodles Chilled Buckwheat Noodles The best food to eat when you don't have much of an appetite. 448s Cod74000 Rating23000 Cod20000000
Chilled Edamame Chilled Edamame With its hard and intriguing texture, it's a must-have snack when having fun! 458s Cod82000 Picnic Photo Cod22000000
Snail Noodles Snail Noodles A curious dish that smells bad but tastes good. 468s Cod90000 Rating28000 Cod24000000
Black Sesame Paste Black Sesame Paste I hear that many people need this these days. 478s Cod92000 Rating38000 Cod28000000
Mapo Tofu Mapo Tofu Sprinkle Sichuan pepper powder on the piping hot tofu. Eat it while it's still warm. 488s Cod93000 Rating40000 Cod28500000
Pearl Milk Tea Pearl Milk Tea The plump pearls are very chewy. Can be changed to popping boba too. 368s Cod24000 Traditional Popcorn Cod2800000
Roasted Sweet Potato Roasted Sweet Potato Hot roasted sweet potatoes are sweet and tasty. 378s Cod32000 Wholegrain Pancake Cod4000000
Hot Pot Hot Pot Winter hot pot. Perfect for a snowy winter. 328s Cod16500 Ice Cream Stall Cod1300000
Sycee Dumplings Sycee Dumplings I heard that if you're lucky, you might find a sycee that the chef hid in the dumplings. 368s Cod25000 Tailor Liu Cod3000000
Fish of Abundance Fish of Abundance An auspicious dish signifying abundance all year round. 388s Cod36000 Stray Wild Panda Cod7500000


Icon Name Description Income/h To learn Cost
Strawberry Daifuku Strawberry Daifuku Round and sticky. Oh, it's also mildly sweet! Cod2000 ? Plates?
Soymilk Soymilk It only takes 30 seconds from milk production to processing. Cod2200 ? Plates?
Sushi Roll Sushi Roll You can get really full from eating sushi! Cod2400 ? Plates?
Sea Urchin Sushi Sea Urchin Sushi I smell a faint ocean scent. Cod3200 Rating2000 Plates?
Conveyor Sushi Roll Conveyor Sushi Roll Handmade food imbued with the spirit of craftsmanship. Cod3400 Rating3400 Plates?
Eel sushi Eel Sushi A masterpiece made of eel and plenty of rice. Cod3600 Rating2400 Plates?
Milk Milk Delicious milk of a dairy cow from the pure, natural pasture. Cod4400 Rating2600 Plates550
Conveyor Pancake Conveyor Pancake It's not just a street food, it's the memories of an entire generation. Cod4600 Rating2800
Recipe: Taco
Cheesy Octopus Sushi Cheesy Octopus Sushi I'm a bit afraid to try raw octopus... Cod4800 Rating3000
Recipe: Pizza
Sweet Shrimp Sushi Sweet Shrimp Sushi The perfect combination of shrimp and sushi. The taste packs a punch! Cod5600 Rating4000 Plates1150
Conveyor Fried Shrimp Sushi Conveyor Fried Shrimp Sushi Fried shrimp are fragrant and crispy! Cod5800 Rating4300
Recipe: Fried Shrimp Sushi
Dorayaki Dorayaki The same dorayaki as the one from Pokonyan! Cod6000 Rating4600 Plates1400
Conveyor Roe Sushi Conveyor Roe Sushi The feeling of roe with rice leaves diners with a lingering taste. Cod6800 Rating6000
Recipe: Roe Sushi
Want Want Wangzi Milk Want Want Wangzi Milk Look again! Look again and I'll drink you up! Cod7000 Rating6500 Plates1650
Conveyor Chocolate Cake Conveyor Chocolate Cake Don't eat too many buffet desserts! Though it does look quite delicious... Cod7200 Rating7000
Recipe: Chocolate Cake
Yogurt Drink Yogurt Drink I'm tart and sweet! Cod8000 Rating10000 Plates2200
Conveyor Cola Conveyor Cola If it spins too fast, be sure to open it toward someone else! Cod8200 Rating11000
Recipe: Cola
Tamagoyaki Tamagoyaki How can tamagoyaki possibly be this tasty?! Cod8400 Rating12000 Plates2800
Conveyor Montblanc Conveyor Montblanc Tastes delicious and sweet. Cod9200 Rating20000
Recipe: Montblanc
Conveyor Salmon Conveyor Salmon Salmon and wasabi are a perfect match! Cod9400 Rating22000
Recipe: Salmon Sushi
Conveyor Miso Soup Conveyor Miso Soup It's getting cold, so have a bowl of miso soup! Cod10200 Rating4000 Plates4000
Conveyor Mango Crepe Conveyor Mango Crepe A classic Hong Kong dessert. Cod10400 Rating30000 Plates4500
Conveyor Durian Crepe Conveyor Durian Crepe The strong smell of durian spreads throughout your mouth. Cod10600 Rating35000 Plates5000
Conveyor Chilled Tofu [[Conveyor Chilled Tofu A delicious, outstanding representative of the world of tofu. Cod10800 Rating40000 Plates5500
Conveyor Custard Conveyor Custard A special skill in all the methods of egg cooking. Cod11000 Rating45000 Plates6000
Conveyor Potstickers Conveyor Potstickers Don't worry about whether they're called potstickers or dumplings or fried dumplings. All that matters is their crispy texture! Cod11200 Rating50000 Plates6500
Conveyor Walnut Rice Ball Conveyor Walnut Rice Ball The walnut gives the rice ball a full flavor. Cod11400 Rating55000 Plates7000
Conveyor Chikuwa Oden Conveyor Chikuwa Oden Its creased surface makes it look like it's been grilled. Cod11600 Rating60000 Plates7500
Conveyor Daikon Oden Conveyor Daikon Oden The veins of the white radish have been completely melted by the soup. Cod11800 Rating65000 Plates8000
Conveyor Kinchaku Oden Conveyor Kinchaku Oden Not sure what's in the pouch? Eat it and find out! Cod12000 Rating70000 Plates8500


Icon Name C B A S
Earnings / dish Chance To unlock Earnings / dish Chance To unlock Earnings / dish Chance To unlock Earnings / dish Chance To unlock
Teddy Biscuit Bells+15~52 84% Likes? Bells+16~57 88% Likes100 Bells? ?% Likes? Bells? ?% Likes?
Fresh Milk Bells? ?% Likes? Bells+18~62 88% Likes? Bells+19~67 92% Likes520 Bells? ?% Likes?
Strawberry Cone Bells? ?% Likes? Bells? ?% Likes? Bells+21~72 92% Likes? Bells+22~77 96% Likes1,200

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