Prince can be hired, after purchasing the garden to the left of the restaurant, with Cod? in the staff menu.


Prince will water growing flowers in the garden, increasing their growth speed for a certain time then rest.

Wearable MementosEdit

Prince can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Rating+15 Restaurant in business for 90 days. Serve Corgi to get.
Unknown Memento 8
Rose Garland
Rating+15 Serve Little Fox 10 times.
Memento-Gachapon 22
Rating+125 Obtained via Gachapon.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Growth Speed Growth
Speed Time
Rest Time Cost
? Rating80 10% 140s 210s ?
? Rating100 10% 150s 205s Cod110,000
? Rating120 10% 150s 200s Cod140,000
? Rating500 40% 290s 135s ?
? Rating550 40% 300s 130s ?
? Rating600 40% 310s 125s Cod1,750,000
? Rating650 50% 320s 120s Cod?
? Rating700 50% 330s 115s Cod2,260,000
? Rating750 50% 340s 110s Cod2,520,000
? Rating800 50% 350s 105s Cod2,780,000
MAX Rating850 50% 360s 100s Cod3,040,000
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