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Prerequisite(s): Special customers will not stay to eat.
So long as you have money, you can buy all kinds of rare items from the Mysterious Merchant!
Lives in:

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The Merchant comes to your Restaurant at random to sell you various items in exchange for random amounts of Cod or Plates. The Merchant has three different items available in the store. You can refresh them by watching an ad.

Available ItemsEdit

Item Name Cod Price Range Plates Price Range
Daisy(1) Daisy Cod2,400 - Cod7,200
Daisy(2) Daisy Cod14,250 - Cod42,750
Daisy(3) Daisy Cod50,400 - Cod151,200
Daisy(4) Daisy Cod120,000 - Cod360,000
Sunflower(1) Sunflower Cod3,600 - Cod10,800
Sunflower(2) Sunflower Cod18,000 - Cod54,000
Sunflower(3) Sunflower Cod63,000 - Cod189,000
Sunflower(4) Sunflower Cod160,000 - Cod480,000
Red Rose(1) Red rose Cod6,000 - Cod18,000
Red Rose(2) Red rose Cod30,000 - Cod90,000
Red Rose(3) Red rose Cod90,000 - Cod270,000
Red Rose(4) Red rose Cod240,000 - Cod720,000
Bluebell(1) Bluebell Cod9,600 - Cod28,800
Bluebell(2) Bluebell Cod45,000 - Cod135,000
Bluebell(3) Bluebell Cod135,000 - Cod405,000
Bluebell(4) Bluebell Cod320,000 - Cod960,000
White Rose(1) White rose1 Cod50,000 - Cod100,000
Cod1,600,000 - Cod3,200,000


White Rose(2) White rose Cod2,400,000 - Cod4,800,000
White Rose(3) White rose Cod3,200,000 - Cod6,400,000
White Rose(4) White rose Cod4,000,000 - Cod8,000,000
Sakura(1) Sakura1 Cod200,000 - Cod400,000
Cod4,800,000 - Cod9,600,000
Sakura(2) Sakura Cod7,200,000 - Cod14,400,000
Sakura(3) Sakura Cod9,600,000 - Cod19,200,000
Sakura(4) Sakura Cod12,000,000 - Cod24,000,000
Clover(1) Clover1 Cod200,000 - Cod400,000
Cod4,800,000 - Cod9,600,000
Clover(2) Clover Cod7,200,000 - Cod14,400,000
Clover(3) Clover Cod9,600,000 - Cod19,200,000
Clover(4) Clover Cod12,000,000 - Cod24,000,000
Maple Leaf(1) Maple leaf1 Cod80,000 - Cod160,000
Cod2,400,000 - Cod48,000,000
Plates? - Plates???
Maple Leaf(2) Maple leaf Cod3,600,000 - Cod7,200,000 Plates? - Plates???
Maple Leaf(3) Maple leaf Cod4,800,000 - Cod9,600,000 Plates? - Plates???
Maple Leaf(4) Maple leaf Cod6,000,000 - Cod12,000,000 Plates? - Plates???
Snowflake(1) Snowflake2 Cod? - Cod???
Snowflake(2) Snowflake2 Cod? - Cod???
Snowflake(3) Snowflake2 Cod? - Cod???
Snowflake(4) Snowflake2 Cod? - Cod???

Item Name Cod Price Range Plates Price Range
Rating10 Stars Cod300,000 - Cod900,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating12 Stars Cod20,000 - Cod40,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating15 Stars Cod450,000 - Cod1,500,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating24 Stars Cod40,000 - Cod80,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating25 Stars Cod800,000 - Cod3,000,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating35 Stars Cod1,500,000 - Cod4,500,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating36 Stars Cod100,000 - Cod200,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating50 Stars Cod2,500,000 - Cod8,500,000 Plates? - Plates???
Rating100 Stars Cod5,500,000 - Cod25,000,000 Plates? - Plates???
Iron Watering Can Iron Watering Can Cod50,000 - Cod250,000 Plates? - Plates???
Copper Watering Can Copper Watering Can Cod100,000 - Cod500,000 Plates? - Plates???
Gold Watering Can Gold Watering Can3 Cod6,666 - Cod~12,000
Cod500,000 - Cod2,500,000
Plates? - Plates???
Seeds Seeds3 Cod8,888 - Cod~20,000
Cod300,000 - Cod2,000,000
Plates? - Plates???

Item Name Cod Price Range Plates Price Range
Bat Candy Bat Candy 4 Cod10,000 - Cod50,000
Mummy Gingersnap Mummy Gingersnap 4 Cod20,000 - Cod117,700??
Eyeball Candy Eyeball Candy 4 Cod40,000 - Cod200,000
Spider Dessert Spider Dessert 4 Cod80,000 - Cod400,000
Eggy's Diary 3 Eggy's Diary 3 Cod7,200,000 - Cod19,993,900??
Eggy's Diary 4 Eggy's Diary 4 Cod9,600,000 - Cod19,200,000
Eggy's Diary 5 Eggy's Diary 5 Cod12,000,000 - Cod24,000,000 Plates85495

1 Level 1 white rose and level 1 seasonal flowers have two price ranges in the game data. The two ranges are weighted differently and have different odds of being offered.
2 It is assumed that Snowflakes will be added to the Merchant's inventory in March 2020; need to confirm. Likewise Sakura may leave his inventory at the same time.
3 The gold watering can and seeds have two prices ranges in the game data. The two ranges are weighted differently and have different odds of being offered.
4 Halloween Candy items are only available for purchase if the player still has Halloween Customers left to unlock. Note that the Halloween Pumpkin does not count for this, only the other six.

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