Hedwig can be hired after unlocking the Mailbox in the Garden with Cod300,000 in the Staff menu.


Hedwig will leave on an adventure then returns. Hedwig is able to carry Flowers, Seeds and Watering Cans in her suitcase. Depending on what you send her with and the order you put the items in, she can bring back rewards and/or Letters.

The Fortuneteller can make Hedwig come back sooner in exchange for watching an ad.

Wearable MementosEdit

Hedwig can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Unknown Memento 1
Rating+15 Serve Penniless Toad 10 times.
Pilot Hat
Pilot Hat
Rating+15 Serve Penguin 30 times.
Memento-Gachapon 20
Question Mark Hat
Rating+105 Obtained via Gachapon.
Golden Wicker
Golden Wicker
Rating+30 Serve Duke Swallow 5 times.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Return Time Cost
HIRE Rating50 8~20 hours Cod300,000
1 Rating80 8~19.5 hours Cod100,000
? Rating290 7~16 hours Cod650,000
? Rating320 7~15.5 hours Cod750,000
? Rating360 6~15 hours Cod900,000
? Rating520 6~13 hours Cod1,500,000
? Rating560 5~12.5 hours Cod1,700,000
? Rating600 5~12 hours Cod1,900,000
? Rating640 5~11.5 hours Cod2,100,000
? Rating680 5~11 hours Cod2,300,000
? Rating720 5~10.5 hours Cod2,500,000
? Rating770 4~10 hours Cod2,800,000
? Rating820 4~9.5 hours Cod3,100,000
? Rating870 4~9 hours Cod3,400,000
? Rating920 4~8.5 hours Cod3,700,000
MAX Rating970 4~8 hours Cod4,000,000


Hedwig is very probably an homage to the eponymous character from the Harry Potter franchise where she is also a female white owl able to deliver messages.

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