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There are currently 121 obtainable Mementos in the game.

Some Mementos can be obtained randomly from the Wishing Well and Gachapon.

Mementos ListEdit

Icon Name Description Bonus Requirements Equips
Purse Purse Looks very light, as if there is nothing inside. Rating+5 Serve White Bunny 350 times. -
Carrot Cellpone Carrot Cellphone Although it's a cellphone, it looks like it's only good for eating. Rating+10 Serve Brown Bunny 500 times. -
Deer's Cracker Deer's Cracker It will bestow you with Deer's good fortune. Rating+15 Serve Deer 700 times. -
Gold Chain Gold Chain Put it on and you'll be the richest kid in Animal Restaurant. Rating+20 Serve Mouse to get. -
Deer Antler Cap Deer Antler Cap Put on the Deer Antler Cap to look like a deer. Rating+15 Serve Spotted Deer 450 times.

Sell 800 Adzuki Bean Dumplings.

Palette Palette A tool commonly used by artists. I hear it can turn emptiness into pictures of love. Rating+25 Serve Artist Badger 310 times. -
Calculator Calculator Continuously pressing buttons will produce cool robotic sounds. Rating+30 Serve White Bunny 1500 times.

Sell 2000 Taiyaki.

Animal Trap Animal Trap Heavy and dangerous, even a bear would not be able to escape once trapped in it. Rating+35 Serve Wounded Bear 305 times. -
Tiny Socks Tiny Socks Tiny and adorable. Rating+40 Serve Hedgehog 200 times.

Sell 1000 Porridge & Jam.

Food Storage Box Food Storage Box Used to preserve the freshness of internal organs and other food. Rating+45 Serve Striped Jackal 255 times. -
Artist Hat Artist Hat Put on the red beret to look the part of an artist. Rating+15 Serve Artist Badger to get. Timmy
Blueberries and Cream Hat Blueberries and Cream Hat It smells amazing. Rating+15 Serve Blueberry Hedgehog 255 times. Eggy
Knitted Beanie Knitted Beanie Woolly and fluffy, it offers protection from the cold in winter. Rating+15 Serve Sheep 200 times.

Sell 500 Fries.

Swim Ring Swim Ring Everybody will be able to learn how to swim with this swim ring. Rating+50 Serve Swan 240 times. -
Iron Vest Iron Vest This vest provides protection for soft underbellies. Rating+55 Serve Scarred Bear 235 times. -
Rainbow Hat Rainbow Hat A dream expertly made with rainbows. Rating+15 Serve Granny Wolf 235 times. Gumi
Rabbit Hat Rabbit Hat Knitted from the fur that Rabbit gave to the chef. It's very warm. Rating+15 Serve White Bunny 3000 times.

Sell 3500 Taiyaki.

Toy Train Toy Train A toy belonging to Border Collie who likes railways and traveling by train. Rating+60 Rating must reach Rating3000.

Serve Border Collie to get.

Swim Cap Swim Cap An essential for swimming champions. Rating+60 Restaurant in business for 14 days.

Serve Swan to get.

Mustache Mustache Rumored to be taken off from Stin's face. Rating+15 Serve French Bulldog 230 times. Yolky
Moisturizer Moisturizer An essential for females who want to look beautiful. Rating+65 Serve Bald Sheep 215 times. -
Tool Tool You need a convenient tool like this if you want to live in the forest. Rating+70 Serve Beaver 180 times.

Sell 500 Croissants.

Butterfly Bow Butterfly Bow Not a real butterfly, but realistic enough to attract other butterflies. Rating+15 Restaurant in business for 30 days.

Serve One-Eyed Papillon to to get.

Raccoon Noodle Snack Raccoon Noodle Snack A favorite snack from childhood. It is becoming very popular. Rating+75 Rating must reach Rating5000.

Serve Raccoon to get.

Train Conductor's Hat Train Conductor's Hat Choo choo! The train for Animal Restaurant is leaving now. Rating+15 Serve Border Collie 1000 times. Dori
White Beard White Beard Put it on and you might become the Pirate King of Animal Restaurant. Rating+15 Serve Terrier 220 times. Apricat
Ham Sausage Ham Sausage Is it ham or sausage? Rating+80 Serve Field Dog 200 times. -
Shiba hat Shiba Hat Woof woof! I'm a cute shiba too. Rating+15 Serve Shiba 110 times. Eggy
Kibble Kibble Only one word to describe it—delicious! Rating+85 Serve White Shiba 195 times. -
Paper Bag Paper Bag An environmentally friendly paper bag that is loved by all animals in Animal Restaurant. Rating+15 Serve Paper Bagged Ostrich 190 times. Jiji
Wild Flower Garland Wild Flower Garland A crown made from flowers that will bring luck to the person who wears it. Rating+15 Serve Berry Hedgehog 185 times. Apricat
Tooth Specimen Tooth Speciment It's a sharp tooth. Probably dropped by Gumi. Rating+90 Serve Boar 160 times. -
Slipper with Teeth Marks Slipper with Teeth Marks Who bit down so hard on it to cause such deep teeth marks? Rating+15 Serve Black Lab 155 times. Eggy
Straw Hat Straw Hat A straw hat with a butterfly bow. Rating+15 Serve Merle Border Collie 140 times. Apricat
Moldy Bone Moldy Bone There's someone name carved on the bone. Rating+95 Rating must reach Rating10000.

Serve Pug to get.

Memento-Corgi Crown Experience living like a king Rating+15 Restaurant in business for 90 days.

Serve Corgi to get.

Engineer's Helmet Engineer's Helmet Equipped with a lamp to provide a sense of security in dark places. Rating+15 Serve Beaver 800 times. Dori
Pig's Nose Pig's Nose It feels like something is missing to make it complete. Rating+15 Serve Pig 40 times. Yolky
Thermos Thermos Drink more warm water. Rating+100 Serve Fennec Fox 30 times. -
Pilot Hat Pilot Hat Monty and Gadget are our good friends. Rating+15 Serve Penguin 30 times. Hedwig
Briefcase Briefcase It contains all of Animal Restaurant's confidential documents. Rating+105 Serve White-Collar Fox 36 times. -
Waxing Brush Waxing Brush Use the brush to wax the floor and bring back its former shine. Rating+110 Serve Dachshund 20 times. -
First Aid Certificate First Aid Certificate You must have a first aid certificate to be qualified to administer first aid. Rating+115 Rating must reach Rating20000

Serve Rescue Dog to get.

Memento-Insta Pup Camera Use this camera to capture every beautiful memory of Animal Restaurant. Rating+120 Serve Insta-Pup 20 times. -
Memento-White Rabbit Pocket Watch Time is money, my friend. Rating+125 Serve White Rabbit 22 times. -
Earphones Earphones Sound waves to rock your world. Rating+15 Serve Programmer's Dog 15 times. Yolky
Banknote Banknote This currency is not accepted in Animal Restaurant. Rating+130 Serve Glamourous Lady 15 times. -
Memento-Reporter Film So many stories are recorded on it. Rating+135 Serve Reporter 12 times. -
Memento-Influencer Flamingo Sunglasses Put on sunglasses to prevent your eyes from being damaged by bright light. Rating+15 Serve Influencer Flamingo 18 times. Gumi
Pig Year Red Packet Pig Year Red Packet Chef Gumi is giving out red packets to everybody. Rating+140 Serve Lucky Pig 10 times. -
Nurse Hat Nurse Hat Transform into an angel in white by putting on this nurse hat. Rating+15 Serve Rescue Dog 50 times. Timmy
Party Hat Party Hat Put on this party hat to gain access to all parties in Animal Restaurant. Rating+15 Serve Party Puppy 12 times.
Sell 100 Montblanc.
Wishing Gem Wishing Gem A gem picked from the Wishing Well. It seems to work in the same way. Rating+145 Serve Gnome 16 times. -
Oriental Cap Oriental Cap I hear that only the nobles of the Qing Dyansty owned caps like this. Rating+15 Serve Lucky Pig 30 times. Dori
Green Hat Green Hat The hat of a gnome. Put it on for luck. Rating+15 Serve Green-Hat Gnome 4 times. Gumi
Pencil Pencil The black lead of the pencil can be used to draw colorful dreams. Rating+150 Serve Cici 10 times. -
Unknown Memento 1 Bamboo-copter Similar to Nobita's bamboo-copter, it can take you to any part of Animal Restaurant. Rating+15 Serve Penniless Toad 10 times. Hedwig
Melon Cap Melon Cap How to make: Cut a watermelon and remove the flesh. Rating+15 Serve Little Lion 14 times. Eggy
Star Glasses Star Glasses Put two stars together to form star glasses. Rating+15 Serve Party Puppy 28 times. Jiji
Unknown Memento 2 Cap with Wings A cap left behind by Arale when she visited Animal Restaurant. May everybody be as happy always. Rating+15 Serve Tom 22 times. Dori
Diaper Diaper A present from Shiba Puppy to Animal Restaurant. Don't worry, it has never been used. Rating+155 Serve Shiba Puppy 15 times. -
Unknown Memento 3 Notebook Write down everything in the notebook so you can treasure it all your life. Rating+160 Serve Abi 12 times. -
Unknown Memento 4 Trilby Even a lion can look refined after putting this on. Rating+15 Serve White Rabbit 45 times. Jiji
Unknown Memento 5 Bald Cap Is Abi really bald or not, that is the question. Rating+15 Serve Abi 30 times. Jiji
Curly Wig Curly Wig The latest in fashion. You can get Penniless Toad to lick it straight if you are not satisfied. Rating+15 Serve Glamourous Lady 30 times. Timmy
Unknown Memento 6 Flower Accessory A flower accessory brought back from Japan. It looks exotic. Rating+15 Serve Praying Samoyed 8 times. Dori
Kindergartener Hat Kindergartener Hat Put on this yellow hat and the big animals will give way to you. Rating+15 Serve Shiba Puppy 35 times. Eggy
Unknown Memento 7 Hat with Braids Put it on to become a little girl. Rating+15 Serve Cici 20 times.
Sell 100 Coconut Cassia Wine.
Unknown Memento 8 Rose Garland The lingering scent of roses is pleasing to the nose. Rating+15 Serve Little Fox 10 times. Prince
Unknown Memento 9 Brush Yorkshire Dad's gift for Mom. Rating+180 Serve Yorkie Mom 35 times. -
Unknown Memento 10 Hardware Store Scissors The scissors Dad secretly bought at the hardware store. Rating+200 Serve Yorkie Dad 2 times. -
Red Controller Red Controller Hmm? Is there another one missing? Rating+15 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Blue Controller Blue Controller Hmm? Is there another one missing? Rating+15 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Rainbow Sticker Rainbow Sticker Where should I paste it? Rating+15 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 4 Stacking Cups Hat A little unsteady. Rating+45 Obtained via Gachapon. Timmy
Memento-Gachapon 5 Cassette You will still need a pencil. Rating+20 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Pastry Beret Pastry Beret Wear it and you'll be the most adorable cutie pie! Rating+55 Obtained via Gachapon. Timmy
Memento-Gachapon 7 Disc Wow! It's got my favorite game! Rating+20 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Gatcha Coin Gatcha Coin Did I win? Rating+20 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 9 Sausage Lips Looks rather silly. Rating+65 Obtained via Gachapon. Jiji
Flower Capsule Capsule Flower A flower grown inside a Gachapon. Rating+25 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 11 Banana Peel Boohoo. I'm not trash. Rating+75 Obtained via Gachapon. Eggy
Memento-Gachapon 12 Froggy Work Permit Which little guy dropped it? Rating+25 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Teru Teru Bozu Teru Teru Bozu I pray for good weather tomorrow. Rating+25 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 14 Teddy Biscuit Happiness melting in your mouth. Rating+25 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 15 Twin Buns This looks kind of familiar! Rating+85 Obtained via Gachapon. Apricat
Memento-Gachapon 16 Planet Sticker Prince seems to like it very much. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 17 Ducky Notebook The beak is a soft eraser. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 18 Game Console It's got the highest record for Pac-Man. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 19 Message Board Doesn't seem to have any important message. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 20 Question Mark Hat ??? Rating+105 Obtained via Gachapon. Hedwig
Froggy Hat Froggy Hat It can hide your ears. Rating+115 Obtained via Gachapon. Yolky
Memento-Gachapon 22 Turban An exotic headwear, but the color seems off. Rating+125 Obtained via Gachapon. Prince
Memento-Gachapon 23 Bucket Hat Protection against insects, mosquitoes and UV rays. Rating+95 Obtained via Gachapon. Ding
Memento-Gachapon 24 Thick Sweater A bit worn, but very warm. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 25 Ice Skates A brand new pair of ice skates. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Elf Hat Elf Hat Someone chubby isn't quite suited to be an elf. Rating+135 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts.
Wishing Well.
Memento-Gachapon 26 Coffee The whole room is filled with the coffee's aroma. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 27 Reindeer Outfit Pass off as a reindeer today. Rating+145 Obtained via Gachapon. Jiji
Calendar Calendar Someone can go on a long holiday today! Rating+30 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts.
Wishing Well.
Christmas Hat Christmas Hat A very thick knitted Christmas beanie. Rating+120 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts. Dori
Memento-Gachapon 28 Christmas Tree Hat Very suitable for someone stationary. Rating+150 Obtained via Gachapon. Ding
Christmas Stocking Christmas Stocking Stuffed with so many sweets! Rating+30 Obtain via Gachapon. -
Memento-Gachapon 29 Gloves No frozen fingers in winter! Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Snow Globe Snow Globe Look through the glass to see the snowscape. Rating+30 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts.
Wishing Well.
Pine Needle Cap Pine Needle Cap A little silly but also very cute. Rating+130 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts. Lucky
Good Fortune Descends Good Fortune Descends Turn your luck around this year! Rating+30 Obtained from Wishing Well during Lunar New Year. Decor
Firecrackers Decor Firecrackers Decor This firecracker cannot be lit! Rating+30 Obtained from Wishing Well during Lunar New Year. Decor
Chinese Knot Chinese Knot Handwoven and full of Lunar New Year's festive spirit. Rating+30 Obtained from Gachapon.
Rewarded during the Lunar New Year event.
Spring Couplets Spring Couplets To display at the entrance to the restaurant during Lunar New Year. Rating+30 Obtained from Wishing Well during Lunar New Year. Decor
Gold Sycee Gold Sycee May wealth and fortune come your way! Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. Decor
Lucky Bamboo Lucky Bamboo May fortune shine upon you, and my each season prosper like spring! Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. Decor
Big Head Mask Big Head Mask You'll be able to join a lion dance performance wearing this. Rating+30 Rewarded during the Lunar New Year event.
Obtained via Gachapon.
Kite Kite A kite found in the fields. Rating+30 Obtained from Wishing Well during Lunar New Year. -
Plum Blossom Plum Blossoms It blooms during the cold winter. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
Shapely Peach Shapely Peach A uniquely-shaped peach. Rating+30 Dropped by Rascal when you lose his game. -
Feather Duster Feather Duster Mum's favorite weapon. Rating+30 Dropped by Rascal's Mom. -
Face Mask Face Mask A single-use surgical mask. Rating+30 Obtained via Gachapon. -
N95 Mask N95 Mask Provides extra protection. Medical personnel need it. Rating+30 Serve Dr. Puppy 5 times. -
Golden Wicker Golden Wicker A wicker exuding an air of nobility. Rating+30 Serve Duke Swallow 5 times. Hedwig
100,000 Fans Commemoration Memento 100,000 Fans Commemoration A congratulatory bouquet to celebrate 100,000 fans on Facebook. Rating+30 Received via in-game redemption code

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