PageIcon Requirements

Required Flowers: Daisy Daisy, Sunflower Sunflower, Bluebell Bluebell
Required Facilities: Stump Mailbox, Hummingbird Post, Eagle Express
Ability: Has a 20% chance to give x10 the amount of CodCod.
Lives in:

Icon-Cellphone Promo City

Icon Heart Memento

Memento-Insta Pup
Use this camera to capture every beautiful memory of Animal Restaurant.
  • For this Memento requirements, see: Mementos

First VisitEdit

Dori the Promoter Dori the Promoter
Do my eyes deceive me? That's the latest mobile camera on your neck! I could never afford one of those!

That's right! My master gave it to me. I want to be a famous photographer and vlogger, just like my master!

Dori the Promoter Dori the Promoter
I hope your dreams come true!


Insta-Pup Insta-Pup
You can use this to take pictures. Just press here.

Eggy the Handyman
Wow! There was a flash!
Eggy the Handyman

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