The Fishing Pond is one of the upgrades available for the restaurant. It is located on the left side of the Garden.


The Fishing Pond can be unlocked for free when the Restaurant rating has reached Rating4,000.


The Fishing Pond is where Fisherman Rabbit Ding exclusively works. A Beaver can also remove rocks from the area when you hire them.


Fish are used to attract Booth Owners.

Crab Flounder Jellyfish
Crab Flounder Jellyfish
Pink Shell Red Puffer Shark
Pink Shell Red Puffer Shark
Squid Starfish Tree Branch
Squid Starfish Tree Branch

Lease SpotsEdit

Vendors can set up stalls in any lease spot. You can unlock more spots by hiring the Beaver to remove the boulders around the Fishing Pond. The boulders can be removed in any order.

Boulder # Cost Removal Time
1 Free 1 min
2 Cod500,000 1 hour
3 Cod2,000,000 2 hours
4 Cod5,000,000 4 hours
5 Cod10,000,000 8 hours
6 Cod25,000,000 ~16 hours


The Fishing Pond changes appearance depending on the season.

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