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The Fishing Pond is one of the upgrades available for the restaurant. It is located on the left side of the Garden.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

The Fishing Pond can be unlocked for free when the Restaurant rating has reached Rating.png1500.

Chef's Secret.png Tutorial
The time for harvesting the Fish Pond is close at hand. You need Rabbit Ding to deal with it.
The pond becomes overpopulated with fish after a period of time.
Each casting uses up bait. Items fished up can be used to lease booths.
Now, let's test how good your fishing skill is!

Staff[edit | edit source]

The Fishing Pond is where Fisherman Rabbit Ding exclusively works. A Beaver can also remove rocks from the area when you hire them.

Fish Type[edit | edit source]

Fish Update.jpg

Fish are used to attract Booth Owners. Each kind of fish has its own temperament and it may take multiple tries to catch.

Update v8.5.8g:

  • Fishing at friend's pond: The 3 new specialty fish randomly appear in the pond with each pond only able to have 1 special fish per week (no other special fish type will appear). Friend's pond may have other specialty fish. Check Friend Bar for specialty fish details. The specialty fish refreshes on Monday morning at 6:00 am local time.
  • Specialty fish: Sea Urchin, Seahorse and Cuttlefish can randomly appear in the fish ponds of the restaurant, each fish pond has a 85.7% chance of getting 1 special fish per week, or no special fish appears. Other friends' homes may have other specialty fish.
  • Rare fish: Butterfly fish can randomly appear in the fish pond, the fishing can be more difficult, but there is a 100% chance of recruiting some booth owners. The booth owners attracted by the Butterfly fish has 50% chance of giving you Diamond.png5. Rare fish spawns every 12 to 72 hours. If they spawn there will be a message run across the screen informing the player about the rare fish and the pond will sparkle. The rare fish can only spawn and be caught in your own pond.

Clownfish.png Crab.png Flounder.png Jellyfish.png Pink Shell.png
Clownfish Crab Flounder Jellyfish Pink Shell
Red Puffer.png Shark.png Squid.png Starfish.png Tree Branch.png
Red Puffer Shark Squid Starfish Tree Branch
Specialty Specialty Specialty Rare -
Sea Urchin.png Cuttlefish.png Seahorse.png Butterflyfish.png -
Sea Urchin Cuttlefish Seahorse Butterfly Fish -

Lease Spots[edit | edit source]

Vendors can set up stalls in any lease spot. You can unlock more spots by hiring the Beaver to remove the boulders around the Fishing Pond. The boulders can be removed in any order.

Chef's Secret.png Tutorial
These stones are so troublesome. Get Beaver to remove them.
After Beaver removes the stones, fish can be placed in the booth to attract new customers.

Boulder Removal Time Price
#1 1 minute Free
#2 1 hour Cod.png500,000
#3 2 hours Cod.png2,000,000
#4 4 hours Cod.png5,000,000
#5 8 hours Cod.png10,000,000
#6 16 hours Cod.png25,000,000

Bait[edit | edit source]

Bait can be brought with Cod.png Cod or earn via watching ads. A maximum of 20 ads can be watched for bait per day and each ad gives 4 baits.

Bait Price
#1 Cod.png10,000
#2 Cod.png38,000
#3 Cod.png114,000
#4 Cod.png262,000
#5 Cod.png506,000
#6 Cod.png870,000
#7 Cod.png1,378,000
#8 Cod.png2,054,000
#9 Cod.png2,922,000
#10 Cod.png4,006,000
#11 Cod.png5,330,000
#12 Cod.png6,918,000
#13 Cod.png8,794,000

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Fishing Pond changes appearance depending on the season.

Magnetic Hook[edit | edit source]

Magnetic Hook.jpg

Update v8.6.11g:

  • After the update, you can unlock the magnetic hook by using 10 baits.
  • The magnetic hook needs about 35 to 45 times normal fishing to be fully recharged. After the hook is recharged, tap on the magnetic hook to use it.
  • Fish can still wiggle free from the hook.

Fisherman Rabbit Ding.png Fisherman Rabbit Ding
I got a magnet from fishing the last time. Seems like it can be used as a hook as well.
Huh? It looks like it has lost its magnetism. I'll wait for it to be restored before using it again.

List Of Vendors[edit | edit source]

Below is a list of vendors, their preferred fish, and the requirements to obtaining them. After they set up their booth, you'll get a portion of their earnings. Some vendors such as Tailor Liu, Old Joe, Sketch Artist, Cut Cake, Japanese Cuisine, Picnicking Duck, and Flora's Ring Toss will sometimes offer you a mini-game to play for extra rewards.


  • Some booth owners have a strict Time Range where they can appear. They will not appear outside of this time range. All other booth owners who doesn't have time range listed can appear anytime.
  • Some booth owners have very low appearance rate.
  • The time listed is always local device time.
  • To see booth owner appearance chance based on fish type, click on the fish or visit: Booth Owner Appearance Rate
Vendor Likes Requirements Time Range Rewards Minigame
Traditional Popcorn.png

Traditional Popcorn

Tree Branch.png Any time Plates.png+10
Old Joe.png

Old Joe

Tree Branch.png Clownfish.png Shiba Any time Plates.png+10
Portrait Drawing Booth.png

Portrait Drawing Booth

Tree Branch.png Clownfish.png Rating.png6,000 Any time Plates.png+10
Sketch Artist.png

Sketch Artist

Clownfish.png Flounder.png Any time Plates.png+10
Picnicking Rabbit.png

Picnicking Rabbit

Clownfish.png Flounder.png Any time Plates.png+10
Hillsides Stinkiest.png

Hillside's Stinkiest

Clownfish.png Jellyfish.png Rating.png10,000 Any time Plates.png+15
Picnicking Duck.png

Picnicking Duck

Flounder.png Jellyfish.png Chocolate Lab Any time Plates.png+15
Prosperity Pineapple.png

Prosperity Pineapple

Flounder.png Squid.png Any time Plates.png+15
Wholegrain Pancake.png

Wholegrain Pancake

Flounder.png Any time Plates.png+15
Convenience Buns.png

Convenience Buns

Jellyfish.png Squid.png Crab.png Boston Terrier 06:00 ~ 12:00 Plates.png+20
Love-filled Buns.png

Love-filled Buns

Jellyfish.png 06:00 ~ 12:00 Plates.png+20
Reverie Cotton Candy.png

Reverie Cotton Candy

Jellyfish.png Squid.png Seahorse.png Any time Plates.png+20
Slum Cotton Candy.png

Slum Cotton Candy

Squid.png Crab.png Pink Shell.png Starfish.png 12:00 ~ 19:00 Plates.png+25
Stray Wild Panda.png

Stray Wild Panda

Squid.png Crab.png Starfish.png Red Puffer.png Rating.png22,000 19:00 ~ 06:00 Plates.png+25
Scavenging Skinny Dog.png

Scavenging Skinny Dog

Squid.png Cuttlefish.png Husky Any time Plates.png+25
Booth Owner 16.png

Candied Hawthorn

Crab.png Pink Shell.png Red Puffer.png Rating.png26,000 19:00 ~ 06:00 Plates.png+30
Booth Owner 17.png

Mouse Market

Crab.png Pink Shell.png Rating.png30,000 Any time Plates.png+30
Booth Owner 18.png

Flower Shop

Crab.png Butterflyfish.png Any time Plates.png+35
Booth Owner 19.png

Bunny's Back Garden

Pink Shell.png Starfish.png Shark.png Rating.png50,000 12:00 ~ 19:00 Plates.png+35
Garden Plot.png

Garden Plot

Pink Shell.png Shark.png Sloth Any time Plates.png+35
Booth Owner 21.png

Cut Cake

Pink Shell.png Cuttlefish.png Any time Plates.png+35
Floras Ring Toss.png

Flora's Ring Toss

Squid.png Crab.png 19:00 ~ 06:00 Plates.png+40
Booth Owner 22.png

Bamboo Hot and Sour Noodles

Starfish.png Red Puffer.png Shark.png Rating.png70,000 Any time Plates.png+40
Booth Owner 23.png

Terrible Pancake

Starfish.png Sea Urchin.png 06:00 ~ 12:00 Plates.png+45
Booth Owner 24.png

Japanese Cuisine

Starfish.png Butterflyfish.png Any time Plates.png+45
Raccoons Takoyaki.png

Raccoon's Takoyaki

Red Puffer.png Shark.png White Rabbit Any time Plates.png+45
Rabbits Breakfast.png

Rabbit's Breakfast

Red Puffer.png 06:00 ~ 12:00 Plates.png+45
Booth Owner 27.png

Hedgehog's Breakfast

Red Puffer.png Shark.png 06:00 ~ 12:00 Plates.png+45
Booth Owner 28.png

Sweet Malt Candy

Shark.png Sea Urchin.png Rating.png90,000 Any time Plates.png+50
Booth Owner 29.png

Scavenging Puppies and Kitties

Shark.png Cuttlefish.png Dalmatian Any time Plates.png+50
Beancurd Dessert.png

Beancurd Dessert

Flounder.png Jellyfish.png Any time Plates.png+15
Booth Owner 31.png

Bowl Pudding

Clownfish.png Jellyfish.png Rating.png14,000 Any time Plates.png+20
Booth Owner 32.png

Ice Cream Stall

Squid.png Starfish.png Rating.png18,000 Any time Plates.png+20
Booth Owner 33.png

Golden Fried Potatoes

Crab.png Pink Shell.png Any time Plates.png+25
Booth Owner 34.png

American Hot Dog

Crab.png Starfish.png Any time Plates.png+25
Booth Owner 35.png

Honeydew Shaved Ice

Crab.png Pink Shell.png Penguin Any time Plates.png+30
Booth Owner 36.png

Traditional Bowl Pudding

Pink Shell.png Starfish.png Any time Plates.png+30
Booth Owner 37.png

Fresh Glutinous Rice Cake

Pink Shell.png Starfish.png 12:00 ~ 19:00 Plates.png+30
Booth Owner 38.png

Egg Waffle

Starfish.png Red Puffer.png Any time Plates.png+35
Booth Owner 39.png

Tailor Liu

Red Puffer.png Shark.png Any time Plates.png+40
Booth Owner 40.png

Love Salon

Red Puffer.png Shark.png Any time Plates.png+40
Booth Owner 41.png

Fried Quail Eggs

Shark.png Gnome Any time Plates.png+40
Booth Owner 42.png

Ice Cream Truck

Shark.png Seahorse.png Any time Plates.png+50
Street Stall Hiring.png

Street Stall Hiring

Squid.png Clownfish.png Any time Plates.png+30
Summer Iced Jelly.png

Summer Iced Jelly

Flounder.png Jellyfish.png Seahorse.png Any time Plates.png+30
Piggy's Crawdads.png

Piggy's Crawdads

Crab.png Sea Urchin.png Any time Plates.png+40
Skillful Massage.png

Skillful Massage

Sea Urchin.png Any time Plates.png+55
Rainbow Shop Stationary.png

Rainbow Shop Stationary

Sea Urchin.png Any time Plates.png+55
Bicycle Repairs.png

Bicycle Repairs

Seahorse.png Any time Plates.png+55
Encounters Photo Studio.png

Encounters Photo Studio

Seahorse.png Any time Plates.png+55
Love Tribe.png

Love Tribe

Cuttlefish.png Any time Plates.png+55


Cuttlefish.png Any time Plates.png+55
Professional Protectors.png

Professional Protectors

Butterflyfish.png Any time Plates.png+55
Gold Tooth Antiques.png

Gold Tooth Antiques

Butterflyfish.png Any time Plates.png+55
Another Roujiamo.png

Another Roujiamo

Butterflyfish.png Any time Plates.png+55
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