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PageIcon Requirements

Required Food: Fried Shrimp Sushi, Cup Noodles, Roe Sushi
Required Facilities: Fine Produce
Ability: Every payment, has a 7% chance to give 10 times the amount of cod
Lives in:

Icon-TV Promo Town

Icon Heart Memento

Ham sausage
Ham Sausage
Is it ham or sausage?
  • For this Memento requirements, see: Mementos

First VisitEdit

Field Dog Field Dog
My master was worried I'll get cold, so she gave me this scarf. I've got to get home early. Do you have any forest specialties? I want to bring back some for my master.
I don't have parents, but I have the best master in the world. She even knitted me a sweater! She's old and has no one to lean on, so I'll protect her forever.

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