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Wishing Well[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Wishing Well
Bowl Fountain.png

Bowl Fountain
Can't be smashed. No climbing! Cod.pngFree Rating.png+3
+2 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Bird Bath.png

Bird Bath
A place for birds to splash about. Rating.png1,000 Cod.png420,000 Rating.png+10
+1 Reward Drop
Wishing Well
River God Pond.png

River God Pond
Sometimes the river god will help you get back things you've dropped in... Rating.png2,000 Cod.png860,000 Rating.png+20
+1 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Bastet Fountain.png

Bastet Fountain
The cat goddess will give you shelter! Rating.png3,600 Cod.png2,350,000 +1 Free Wishes
+1 Reward Drop
Wishing Well
Floating Teacup.png

Floating Teacup
Why is the teacup flying? Rating.png10,000
Shiba Puppy's Photo
Cod.png8,000,000 +3 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Sadako's Well.png

Sadako's Well
It's quite tiring to hang there as well. Little Fox's Diary 2
Strawberry Shaved Ice
Cod.png8,600,000 +3 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Sweet dreams.png

Sweet Dreams
A sweet dream will come true every time a wish is made. Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png10,000,000 +1 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Fruity Fountain.png

Fruity Fountain
Come join in the fruity pool party! Cod.png9,000,000 Rating.png+30
+1 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Pirates' Barrel.png

Pirates' Barrel
It's said that wine barrels that crossed the sea are better for making wishes. Rating.png100,000 Cod.png15,000,000 +1 Free Wishes
+1 Reward Drop from watching ads.
Wishing Well
Lucky Bell.png

Lucky Bell
The snowman waits for his friend underneath the bell. Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png3,800,000
Can be won during Christmas Event
+1 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Carp of Fortune.png

Carp of Fortune
Make a wish to the carp to get a year of good luck! Cod.png8,800,000 +1 Free Wishes
Wishing Well
Celestial Spring.png

Celestial Spring
Don't worry, at least the stars will keep you company. Rating.png200,000 Cod.png25,000,000 Quick Wish

Garden Table[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Garden Table
Simple Table.png

Simple Table
Sip tea and enjoy the flowers. Cod.png10,500 Rating.png+10
Garden Table
Cozy Table.png

Cozy Table
The whole family can enjoy the flowers, sweets and coziness. Cod.png290,000 +1 Viewing
Garden Table
Artsy Table.png

Artsy Table
Tea followed by the scent of flowers tastes even stronger. Cod.png1,360,000 +1 Viewing
Garden Table
Ornate Table.png

Ornate Table
Fits right in with the flowerbeds. Cod.png3,400,000 +2 Viewing
Garden Table
Halloween Table.png

Halloween Table
It is laden with food you will eat on Halloween. Cod.png1,000,000 +2 Viewing
Garden Table
Dessert long table.png

Dessert Long Table
Flower viewing and having desserts go hand in hand! Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png5,400,000 Rating.png+66
+2 Viewing
Garden Table
Reverie Table.png

Reverie Table
Delicious desserts used for holding unbirthday parties. Rating.png65,000 Cod.png18,500,000 +2 Viewing
Garden Table
Fruity Long Table.png

Fruity Long Table
Replenish your vitamins! It's healthy and tasty! Rating.png65,000 Cod.png10,500,000 Rating.png+32
+2 Viewing
Garden Table
Seaside Table.png

Seaside Table
You can almost feel the sea breeze. Rating.png80,000 Cod.png12,000,000 +2 Viewing
Garden Table
Christmas Long Table.png

Christmas Long Table
Prince made the Christmas tree and wreath on the table. Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png3,500,000
Can be won during Christmas Event
+1 Viewing
Garden Table
Oriental Long Table.png

Oriental Long Table
The Mengding tea it brews is full-bodied and sweet. Rating.png85,000 Cod.png9,600,000 Rating.png+15
+1 Viewing
Garden Table
Sky Gazing.png

Sky Gazing
Why not try looking for the brightest star with a telescope under the moon? Rating.png190,000 Cod.png22,000,000 Rating.png+15
+2 Viewing

Daisy Garden[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Daisy Garden
Small Plant Pot.png

Small Plant Pot
Can only fit a single flower. Cod.png13,500 Daisy Lv. 1
Can be viewed 2 times
Small chance of Rating.png+1
Daisy Garden
Yellow Flower Bed.png

Yellow Flower Bed
The blooming daisies look so happy and carefree! Cod.png180,000 Daisy Lv. 2
Can be viewed 3 times
Small chance of Rating.png+4
Daisy Garden
Medium Flower Bed.png

Medium Flower Bed
You can smell the scent of daisies. Cod.png500,000 Daisy Lv. 3
Can be viewed 4 times
Small chance of Rating.png+8
Daisy Garden
Greenhouse Garden.png

Greenhouse Garden
The flowers have faded, leaving only the daisies in full bloom. Cod.png1,260,000 Daisy Lv. 4
Can be viewed 5 times
Small chance of Rating.png+12

Sunflower Garden[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Sunflower Garden
Terracotta Plant Pot.png

Terracotta Plant Pot
Here's where the little sunflowers grow up! Cod.png20,000 Sunflower Lv. 1
Can be viewed 2 times
Small chance of Rating.png+1
Sunflower Garden
Rectangle Flower Bed.png

Rectangle Flower Bed
The sunflowers greet the sunrise with a smile. Cod.png450,000 Sunflower Lv. 2
Can be viewed 3 times
Small chance of Rating.png+3
Sunflower Garden
Courtyard Flower Bed.png

Courtyard Flower Bed
The courtyard is full of life! Cod.png700,000 Sunflower Lv. 3
Can be viewed 4 times
Small chance of Rating.png+6
Sunflower Garden
Modern Greenhouse.png

Modern Greenhouse
Even without sunlight, the garden is still thriving! Cod.png1,400,000 Sunflower Lv. 4
Can be viewed 5 times
Small chance of Rating.png+10

Rose Garden[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Rose Garden
Dash of Red.png

Dash Of Red
One beautiful little rose is growing here. Cod.png42,000 Rose Lv. 1
Can be viewed 3 times
Small chance of Rating.png+7
Rose Garden
Red Flower Bed.png

Red Flower Bed
The blooming roses are full of life! Cod.png580,000 Rose Lv. 2
Can be viewed 4 times
Small chance of Rating.png+16
Rose Garden
Ruby Sea.png

Ruby Sea
Full of glittering red gems. Cod.png900,000 Rose Lv. 3
Can be viewed 5 times
Small chance of Rating.png+24
Rose Garden
Love and Beauty.png

Love And Beauty
Love as wide as the world and as deep as the sea. Cod.png2,000,000 Rose Lv. 4
Can be viewed 6 times
Small chance of Rating.png+36

Bluebell Garden[]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Bluebell Garden
Bud Planter.png

Bud Planter
The little buds here are getting ready to bloom. Cod.png72,500 Bluebell Lv. 1
Can be viewed 4 times
Small chance of Rating.png+1
Bluebell Garden
Blue Flower Bed.png

Blue Flower Bed
The blooming bluebells sway in the wind. Cod.png850,000 Bluebell Lv. 2
Can be viewed 5 times
Small chance of Rating.png+3
Bluebell Garden
Fairy Bluebells.png

Fairy Bluebells
When the bluebells sway in the wind, you can almost hear the sound of bells ringing. Cod.png1,500,000 Bluebell Lv. 3
Can be viewed 6 times
Small chance of Rating.png+6
Bluebell Garden
Azure Sky.png

Azure Sky
It is as if the bluebells are twinkling in the night sky. Cod.png3,000,000 Bluebell Lv. 4
Can be viewed 7 times
Small chance of Rating.png+10


Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Stump Mailbox.png

Stump Mailbox
A simply-made mailbox. Cod.png40,000 Rating.png+26
Hummingbird Post.png

Hummingbird Post
Your mail will get there slowly but surely! Cod.png480,000 Rating.png+42
Eagle Express.png

Eagle Express
The symbol of speed and quality! Cod.png780,000 Rating.png+65
Modern Mailbox.png

Modern Mailbox
Safe and reliable. Cod.png1,080,000 Rating.png+80
Gluttonous Kitty.png

Gluttonous Kitty
It might eat your letters too... Cod.png9,700,000 Rating.png+700
Pumpkin Chest.png

Pumpkin Chest
What exactly is in it? Cod.png11,000,000 Rating.png+750
Witch's Hoard.png

Witch's Hoard
All of the witch's secrets are hidden in here. Cod.png12,000,000 Rating.png+800
Ice cream mailbox.png

Ice Cream Mailbox
I don't know where Hedwig hid the letter either. Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png1,600,000 Rating.png+37
Mr. Banana.png

Mr. Banana
A passionate banana who seems to want to greet you. Cod.png7,500,000 Rating.png+205
Blue Lighthouse.png

Blue Lighthouse
Lights the way for Hedwig to come home. Cod.png9,000,000 Rating.png+220
Letter from the Snow.png

Letter from the Snow
Let me tell you a secret-an elf lives in the mailbox! Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png13,500,000 Rating.png+250
Lucky Mailbox.png

Lucky Mailbox
Hedwig was the one who hung up the Chinese Knot. Cod.png12,800,000 Rating.png+228
Rose House.png

Rose House
Your letters will carry the fragrance of roses. Rating.png180,000 Cod.png20,000,000 Rating.png+280


Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Stone Path.png

Stone Path
A commonly-seen stone path. Rating.png800 Cod.png46,500 Rating.png+10
Wooden Path.png

Wooden Path
Made with wood taken from some place's door planks. Rating.png1,200 Cod.png360,000 Rating.png+35
Slab Path.png

Slab Path
A modern cementh path. Rating.png2,400 Cod.png680,000 Rating.png+52
Moss Path.png

Moss Path
A stone path made by the god of the Wishing Well. Rating.png5,500 Cod.png1,100,000 Rating.png+76
Poker Avenue.png

Poker Avenue
Every victory makes it a bit brighter! Rating.png18,000 Cod.png12,600,000 Rating.png+800
Skeleton Trail.png

Skeleton Trail
A path paved with bones. It seems a little creepy. Little Fox's Diary 3 Cod.png14,500,000 Rating.png+850
Chocolate path.png

Chocolate Path
Sweet every step of the way. Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png7,000,000 Rating.png+77
Watermelon Path.png

Watermelon Path
It's exceptionally refreshing to walk on it after the rain. Rating.png25,000 Cod.png8,000,000 Rating.png+210
Shell Path.png

Shell Path
Colorful seashells found by the seashore. Rating.png40,000 Cod.png10,000,000 Rating.png+250
Christmas Stocking Path.png

Christmas Stocking Path
Good children will find a present from Santa in their stockings. Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png2,000,000
Can be won during Christmas Event
Fan Trail.png

Fan Trail
You can grab fans for a fan dance here. Rating.png50,000 Cod.png9,900,000 Rating.png+248
Scattered Manuscripts.png

Scattered Manuscripts
Filled with words that you cannot read. Looks really mysterious. Rating.png160,000 Cod.png18,000,000 Rating.png+260


Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Simple Fence.png

Simple Fence
A simply-made fence. Cod.png170,000 Rating.png+40
Birch Fence.png

Birch Fence
No need to worry about the wind blowing it over! Cod.png720,000 Rating.png+40
Oak Fence.png

Oak Fence
Solid and reliable. Rating.png2,450 Cod.png1,300,000 Rating.png+60
Rustic Fence.png

Rustic Fence
A meticulously-crafted fence. Rating.png4,400 Cod.png2,600,000 Rating.png+100

It leads to some mysterious places. Rating.png4,000 Cod.png1,350,000 Rating.png+68
Reverie Fence.png

Reverie Fence
A partition to an unknown fantasy world. Rating.png50,000 Cod.png12,050,000 Rating.png+580
Sweet fence.png

Sweet Fence
Keeps all the sweetness in. Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png3,000,000 Rating.png+45
Persimmon Door.png

Persimmon Door
Everything will be smooth sailing once you pass through this door. Rating.png80,000 Cod.png26,000,000 Rating.png+400
Rope Fence.png

Rope Fence
The rope is caked with dried sea salt. Rating.png60,000 Cod.png18,000,000 Rating.png+380
First Snowfall.png

First Snowfall
The snowman secretly watches his friend from outside the fence. Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png15,000,000 Rating.png+330
Fortune Comes Knocking.png

Fortune Comes Knocking
The gold ingot on the fence brings in wealth and fortune. Rating.png65,000 Cod.png13,800,000 Rating.png+308
Fantasy Door.png

Fantasy Door
Go through this door and enter a magical world. Rating.png240,000 Cod.png30,000,000 Rating.png+400


Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Simple Barbecue.png

Simple Barbecue
It needs someone to keep turning it. Rating.png600 Cod.png80,000 Rating.png+25Cod.png+300/min
Hanging Barbecue.png

Hanging Barbecue
Gives a primitive feel and a taste of the wild. Rating.png1,000 Cod.png400,000 Rating.png+38
Modern Barbecue.png

Modern Barbecue
All the fixings for delicious color, aroma, and taste. Rating.png1,800 Cod.png720,000 Rating.png+52
Rotating Barbecue.png

Rotating Barbecue
Provides both convenience and flavor. Rating.png3,850 Cod.png1,800,000 Rating.png+100
Gleeful Gateball.png

Gleeful Gateball
The latest in entertainment facilities! Though the mallet looks a bit familiar... Rating.png23,000 Cod.png16,000,000 Rating.png+900
Bone Barbecue.png

Bone Barbecue
Who knows what living creature these bones came from. Chilled Edamame Cod.png17,500,000 Rating.png+950
Ice cream barbecue.png

Ice Cream Barbecue
Ice cream will definitely melt! Unlock from Jun 1st to Jun 30th Cod.png2,200,000 Rating.png+42
Durian Barbecue.png

Durian Barbecue
You either love it or hate it. Rating.png25,000 Cod.png15,500,000 Rating.png+280
Suitcase Barbecue.png

Suitcase Barbecue
A must for travelers! Rating.png35,000 Cod.png16,500,000 Rating.png+295
Reindeer Barbecue.png

Reindeer Barbecue
Have you heard the story of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer? Unlock from Dec 19th to Jan 19th Cod.png11,000,000 Rating.png+220
Brazier Barbecue.png

Brazier Barbecue
A roaring fire with big bites of meat! Rating.png30,000 Cod.png10,800,000 Rating.png+218
Mysterious Seasoning.png

Mysterious Seasoning
Everyone wants to find out the secret behind the barbecue seasoning, but it seems nobody knows. Rating.png220,000 Cod.png27,500,000 Rating.png+360

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