Conveyor Belts[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Conveyor Belts
Simple Carousel.png

Simple Carousel

At least it has a rotation function, but it has low efficiency. Cod.pngFree Rating.png+20
Conveyor Belts
Mechanical Carousel.png

Mechanical Carousel

Increases efficiency. Makes the meal enjoyable. Rating.png5,000 Cod.png760,000 Rating.png+66
Conveyor Belts
Modern Mechanical Carousel.png

Modern Mechanical Carousel

A conveyor belt with added decorations. Maybe it'll put customers in a good mood! Rating.png12,000 Cod.png1,950,000 Rating.png+133
Conveyor Belts
Round Carousel.png

Round Carousel

Slightly shortens the food's traveled distance. Rating.png40,000 Cod.png4,400,000 Rating.png+225
Conveyor Belts
Modern Round Carosel.png

Modern Round Carousel

Awesome! Be sure to maintain your image while eating. Rating.png70,000 Cod.png11,600,000 Rating.png+600
Conveyor Belts
Spiderwebbed Conveyor Belt.png

Spiderwebbed Conveyor Belt

An old and spooky conveyor belt. Perhaps it can attract some special customers. Rating.png38,000 Cod.png8,100,000 Rating.png+180
Conveyor Belts
Mushroom Conveyor Belt.png

Mushroom Conveyor Belt

A cozy and mysterious conveyor belt. Friends chat here all night long. Rating.png85,000 Cod.png13,000,000 Rating.png+620
Conveyor Belts
Marine Conveyor Belt.png

Marine Conveyor Belt

The pink octopus strictly monitors the quality of each meal. Rating.png105,000 Cod.png27,350,000 Rating.png+640

Gachapon[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Normal Gachapon.png

Normal Gachapon

Has all kinds of capsules inside, but it is not much different from the Gachapon machines available in the market. Rating.png850 Cod.png920,000 Rating.png+45
+6 Draws
Pink Gachapon.png

Pink Gachapon

From beneath the pink gachapon green grasses grow. Very popular with girls. Rating.png20,000 Cod.png2,100,000 Rating.png+133
+8 Draws
Space SSR.png

Space SSR

I hear that someone received Animal Restaurant's best reward from this kind of Gachapon... a cat teaser bitten by Chef Gumi. Rating.png70,000 Cod.png20,000,000 Rating.png+250
+10 Draws
Retro Gachapon.png

Retro Gachapon

Fashionistas have said that the most retro is the trendiest. Rating.png150,000 Cod.png50,000,000 Rating.png+400
+16 Draws
Lighthouse Gachapon.png

Lighthouse Gachapon

I want to touch the rounded roof! Rating.png150,000 Cod.png39,000,000 Rating.png+350
+10 Draws

Self-serve Drinks[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Self-serve Drinks
Hot Kettle Combo.png

Hot Kettle Combo

Remember to drink more warm water! Cod.png190,000 Rating.png+45
Self-serve Drinks
Water Dispenser.png

Water Dispenser

There are plenty of paper cups beside it. Rating.png9,000 Cod.png1,600,000 Rating.png+133
Self-serve Drinks
Cheerful Fountain.png

Cheerful Fountain

Lots of chubby animals like it! Rating.png20,000 Cod.png3,100,000 Rating.png+250
Self-serve Drinks
Vending Machine.png

Sweet Collection

Make sure to put in exact change! Rating.png52,000 Cod.png7,600,000 Rating.png+400
Self-serve Drinks
Mysterious potion.png

Mysterious Potion

We don't know when it appeared, but it seems the customers don't quite dare to try it. Rating.png45,000 Cod.png11,800,000 Rating.png+380
Self-serve Drinks
Mushroom Beverage.png

Mushroom Beverage

You never know whether the next cup will be sweet or bitter. Rating.png90,000 Cod.png29,000,000 Rating.png+450
Self-serve Drinks
Beach Impression.png

Beach Impression

Has a limited supply of sweet coconut milk! Rating.png50,000 Cod.png13,200,000 Rating.png+385

Wall Hangings[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Wall Hangings
Four Squared Wall Hangings.png

Four Squared Wall Hangings

The logo of Gumi's Kitchen is drawn on all four squares. Rating.png600 Cod.png145,000 Rating.png+15
Wall Hangings
Eternal Candle.png

Eternal Candle

This candle may be short, but it never goes out! Rating.png1,000 Cod.png980,000 Rating.png+83
Wall Hangings
Paper Lanterns.png

Paper Lanterns

Emits a gentle glow and lights up with Gumi's paw prints. Rating.png1,800 Cod.png2,500,000 Rating.png+156
Wall Hangings
Classic Wall Lamps.png

Classic Wall Lamps

Sometimes Gumi's Kitchen needs an antique feel too! Rating.png3,850 Cod.png5,600,000 Rating.png+300
Wall Hangings
Witch's Broom.png

Witch's Broom

They say that on the broom lives friends that the witch met. Rating.png3,850 Cod.png11,000,000 Rating.png+380
Wall Hangings
Reverie Wall Lamp.png

Reverie Wall Lamp

Shiny like a luminous pearl. Rating.png3,850 Cod.png9,100,000 Rating.png+350
Wall Hangings
Message Bottle.png

Message Bottle

A mystery person's letter has been stuffed inside. Rating.png15,000 Cod.png7,600,000 Rating.png+280

Ice Cream[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Machine.png

A Favorite Of Both Children And Adults

The little shops of my childhood were just like this. Rating.png1,800 Cod.png250,000 Rating.png+25
Ice Cream
Sweet Memories.png

Sweet Memories

Automatic delivery that's fast and convenient! Rating.png7,000 Cod.png1,180,000 Rating.png+100
Ice Cream
Double Scoop.png

Double Scoop

There are more than two flavors. Don't mistake it for a lottery! Rating.png16,000 Cod.png2,900,000 Rating.png+218
Ice Cream
Sweet Collection.png

Sweet Collection

All kinds of ice cream are available here! Rating.png46,000 Cod.png6,300,000 Rating.png+325
Ice Cream
Pumpkin Dessert.png

Pumpkin Dessert

A pumpkin dessert made specially for Halloween. Rating.png55,000 Cod.png14,000,000 Rating.png+330
Ice Cream
Fantasy Dreamland.png

Fantasy Dreamland

Descend into a fantasy dreamland for a chance to enjoy comforting and delicious ice cream. Rating.png40,000 Cod.png6,900,000 Rating.png+320
Ice Cream
Heartwarming Dessert.png

Heartwarming Dessert

Various desserts made with love. Rating.png65,000 Cod.png18,000,000 Rating.png+350
Ice Cream
Handcart Sweets.png

Handcart Sweets

This season, we recommend the sea salt ice cream!' said Mister Seagull. Rating.png50,000 Cod.png15,600,000 Rating.png+280
Sliding Doors
Simple Wooden Doors.png

Simple Wooden Doors

Be careful when you open and close them! Rating.png1,500 Cod.png230,000 Rating.png+35

Sliding Doors[edit | edit source]

Facility Name Description Requirements Price Effects
Sliding Doors
Solid Wooden Doors.png

Solid Wooden Doors

Everyone says solid wood is good, but I don't know what solid wood is. Rating.png8,000 Cod.png1,380,000 Rating.png+133
Sliding Doors
Glass Image.png

Glass Image

You can look through the glass and see what's behind the door. Rating.png18,000 Cod.png3,300,000 Rating.png+218
Sliding Doors
Gumi's Custom Doors.png

Gumi's Custom Doors

Chef Gumi had an experienced artisan make it. It's so pretty! Rating.png49,000 Cod.png7,100,000 Rating.png+375
Sliding Doors
Ribonned Door.png

Ribboned Door

Decorated with ribbons and full festive cheer. Rating.png50,000 Cod.png14,700,000 Rating.png+390
Sliding Doors
Mysterious Tree Hole.png

Mysterious Tree Hole

It leads to a mysterious wonderland. Rating.png70,000 Cod.png22,000,000 Rating.png+400
Sliding Doors
White Lattice.png

White Lattice

Has a summer beach style. Rating.png100,000 Cod.png29,000,000 Rating.png+420
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