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Halloween 2020 Event Banner.png

Main article: Halloween Event
During the Halloween event, candies were randomly thrown in the Restaurant by the Halloween Pumpkin. The rewards are given after the player serves a certain amount of Halloween customers with the candies.


Christmas 2020 Banner.png

Main article: Christmas Event
During the Christmas event, player can collect decorations from their friend's restaurants and their own restaurant to fill the Christmas pictures. Different rewards are given for each filled picture.

Lunar New Year[]

Lunar New Year Event Tab.png

Main article: Lunar New Year Event
During the Lunar New Year Event event, players can get several special letters and mementos for the Lunar New Year. A New Year guest based on the Chinese Zodiac will also visit and announce the start of the event.

International Women's Day[]

Women's Day Event.jpg

International Women's Day event starts from March 8th 06:00 to March 9th 06:00. On this day, players can start the event by talking to White Bunny in the Courtyard. A group of special characters will visit and leave rewards after the event is done. Additionally players will receive a special letter on this day: Eggy's Diary 15

White Bunny.png White Bunny
The restaurant feels different today! Are you all holding an event?

Dori the Promoter
Today is Women's Day, and we're throwing a party to celebrate in the Courtyard. Come join us!
Dori the Promoter.png

Blank.png Any Special Customer
I'm glad! Thanks for organizing this Women's Day party!
I want some rest and relaxation today.
Did you specially prepare this? It's delicious! I'll try making them at home next time.

Children's Day[]

Children's Day 2021 Banner.png

Main article: Children's Day Event
During the Children's Day's event you will a special letter delivered by Messenger Hedwig. There will be new toys and dolls as well as new customer to collect and participate in the event.

Dragon Boat Festival[]

Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is a traditional and important celebration in China. The event occurs on the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese Calendar, which is usually around end of May to mid June on Gregorian calendar. For this event, a few very rare Mementos from the Gachapon have an increased chance of being obtained.

Anniversary Celebration 2020[]

Anniversary Flag.png

Hello bosses, the 1st anniversary is coming! Event begins September 18th 2020 at midnight and ends September 30th 2020 at 11:59pm. During the Anniversary event:

  • New Mementos were added, two of which could be obtained via community redemption code for the duration of the event:
Redemption Code (Apple Hat): happybirthday
Redemption Code (Shark Hat): 20200918
  • Fruit-series facilities and wallpapers were added. Some of them could only be obtained via anniversary gift box, and could be bought with cod until the end of the event. The fruit-series facilities are permanent.
  • A special customer, Prince Michael was available for 3 months only (18/09/2020 to 17/12/2020) and is not listed in the Handbook.
  • Rewards were given each day of the anniversary event.
Anniversary Daily Log In Reward
Day Reward
1 Bread Slice.png+3
2 Orange Curtain
3 Bread Slice.png+5
4 Rating.png+20
5 Bread Slice.png+5
6 Bread Slice.png+6
7 Sweet and Sour Lemon Tree

  • Players could use Bread Slice.pngBread Slices to play on a Monopoly style board by tapping on the Bread Maker. Each slice lets the pawn move 1-3 steps. Lucky Boxes can be won by landing directly on the space with a Blue Lucky Box.pngBlue Lucky Box or by collecting 6 slices and using them on the Bread Maker to unlock a Orange Lucky Box.pngOrange Lucky Box.

The Culinary Cats' Contest[]

Contest Banner.png

The Culinary Cats' Contest

The event occurred in-game from 2020-11-20 00:00 to 2020-11-26 23:59 local device time. During the event, the customers have chance to give the quizzes. Answer the questions to help Chef Gumi to make the special dish!

Answer all questions correctly to obtain the limited memento to unlock the limited recipe!

To answer the question the player has to collect tickets from customers, they all have a small chance of dropping tickets. There are 3 question stages and each stage consists of 5 questions. Stage 1 requires 5 tickets, stage 2 requires 10 tickets and stage 3 requires 25 tickets.

Each question has 3 choices. If the player answers a question incorrectly they can get another chance by sharing the game. After answering all questions for a stage correctly the player will get a small amount of tickets.

The reward for answering all questions correctly is the Piping Bag memento, Diamond.png20 and with it the player can buy the Purr-fect Choclate Cake recipe.

After the event is over, the memento Piping Bag is obtainable from the Gachapon.

Answers to the questions. Spoiler!
Stage 1
  1. A. Butter
  2. A. Light cream, chocolate, and eggs
  3. A. Using a double boiler over hot water
  4. C. Gumi obsesses over it
  5. B. 80%

Stage 2

  1. B. Oven
  2. B. An oven that's been used for a while
  3. B. Gumi wants to shake the air bubbles out of the batter
  4. C. Oven mitts
  5. B. No, you can't

Stage 3

  1. B. Whipped cream
  2. A. Put the bowl in the freezer to chill for a bit
  3. B. It has visible peaks and doesn't slosh around
  4. B. After they've cooled down
  5. B. Steal some cat claw decorations from the restaurant next door

Chef Gumi's Masterpiece

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