Halloween Event-Tab

During the Halloween event, these items were randomly thrown in the Restaurant by the Halloween Pumpkin. They could be used to make special recipes required by event customers.

They currently are sold by the Mysterious Merchant (once you have unlocked all the Halloween customers he will no longer sell them).

Appearance Name Description
Bat Candy Bat Candy Looks a little like a bat.
Eyeball Candy Eyeball Candy This is the first time I'm hearing of making candy in the shape of eyeballs.
Mummy Gingersnap Mummy Gingersnap I hear that this gingersnap was imported from Egypt. Chant loudly and it will move.
Spider Dessert Spider Dessert Adding spiders to dessert, but the sweet threads keep tangling together.


Christmas Event-Tab

During the Christmas event:

  1. You got a special letter wishing you a Merry Christmas.
  2. Special items were randomly thrown in the Restaurant by customers. They could be used to complete three special pictures (a Christmas tree, a snowman and Santa in his sledge), which unlocked gifts. Gifts were special facilities given for free. These items are currently unavailable but the special facilities can now be purchased in the Menu.

Lunar New Year EventEdit

Lunar New Year Event Tab

During the Lunar New Year Event event

  1. You got a special letter for the Lunar New Year wishing you a good Year of the Rat.
  2. Special Mementos were available during the Event.
  3. One Childhood Memory per day was thrown in the Restaurant by customers. They could be used to unlock Blessed Bag gifts which included special facilities and mementos given for free.
  4. The New Year Mouse came to your Restaurant throwing Red Packets on the floor. These gave random prizes --such as Cod, Plates, Bait or Ranking Stars-- as well as firecrackers, which attracted customers.
  5. The Rascal came to your Restaurant to annoy your customers and staff. You could chase him away, agree to play with him or discipline him. Playing with him could give you Cod when you won and a special Memento, the Shapely Peach, when you lost.
Lunar New Year Comic
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