Eggy can be unlocked with Cod.png8000 in the Staff menu.


Eggy will move around the restaurant, collecting pieces of cod every so often, depending on his raise level.

Raise Upgrades

LVL Rating Cod/60s Cost
HIRE Rating.png2 Cod.png100 Cod.png8,000
1 Rating.png4 Cod.png150 Cod.png4,500
2 Rating.png6 Cod.png200 Cod.png5,500
3 Rating.png8 Cod.png250 Cod.png6,500
4 Rating.png10 Cod.png300 Cod.png7,500
5 Rating.png12 Cod.png350 Cod.png8,500
6 Rating.png14 Cod.png400 Cod.png9,500
7 Rating.png16 Cod.png450 Cod.png10,500
8 Rating.png18 Cod.png500 Cod.png11,500
9 Rating.png20 Cod.png550 Cod.png12,500
10 Rating.png22 Cod.png600 Cod.png13,500
11 Rating.png24 Cod.png650 Cod.png17,000
12 Rating.png26 Cod.png700 Cod.png27,000
13 Rating.png28 Cod.png750 Cod.png47,000
14 Rating.png30 Cod.png800 Cod.png60,000
15 Rating.png34 Cod.png880 Cod.png75,000
16 Rating.png38 Cod.png960 Cod.png90,000
17 Rating.png42 Cod.png1,040 Cod.png105,000
18 Rating.png46 Cod.png1,120 Cod.png120,000
19 Rating.png50 Cod.png1,200 Cod.png135,000
20 Rating.png54 Cod.png1,280 Cod.png150,000
21 Rating.png58 Cod.png1,360 Cod.png165,000
22 Rating.png62 Cod.png1,440 Cod.png180,000
23 Rating.png66 Cod.png1,520 Cod.png195,000
MAX Rating.png70 Cod.png1,600 Cod.png210,000
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