Eggy can be unlocked with Cod8,000 in the Staff menu.


Eggy moves around the Kitchen, collecting pieces of cod every so often, depending on his raise level.

Wearable MementosEdit

Eggy can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Deer Antler Cap
Deer Antler Cap
Rating+15 Serve Spotted Deer 450 times. Sell 800 Adzuki Bean Dumplings.
Blueberries and Cream Hat
Blueberries and Cream Hat
Rating+15 Serve Blueberry Hedgehog 255 times.
Butterfly Bow
Butterfly Bow
Rating+15 Restaurant in business for 30 days.
Shiba hat
Shiba Hat
Rating+15 Serve Shiba 110 times.
Slipper with Teeth Marks
Slipper with Teeth Marks
Rating+15 Serve Black Lab 155 times.
Melon Cap
Melon Cap
Rating+15 Serve Little Lion 14 times.
Kindergartener Hat
Kindergartener Hat
Rating+15 Serve Shiba Puppy 35 times.
Memento-Gachapon 11
Banana Peel
Rating+75 Obtained via Gachapon.
Scene wig
Scene Wig
Rating+40 Purchasable via the Signature Store.
Rating+20 Purchasable via the Signature Store.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Cod/60s Cost
HIRE Rating2 Cod100 Cod8,000
1 Rating4 Cod150 Cod4,500
2 Rating6 Cod200 Cod5,500
3 Rating8 Cod250 Cod6,500
4 Rating10 Cod300 Cod7,500
5 Rating12 Cod350 Cod8,500
6 Rating14 Cod400 Cod9,500
7 Rating16 Cod450 Cod10,500
8 Rating18 Cod500 Cod11,500
9 Rating20 Cod550 Cod12,500
10 Rating22 Cod600 Cod13,500
11 Rating24 Cod650 Cod17,000
12 Rating26 Cod700 Cod27,000
13 Rating28 Cod750 Cod47,000
14 Rating30 Cod800 Cod60,000
15 Rating34 Cod880 Cod75,000
16 Rating38 Cod960 Cod90,000
17 Rating42 Cod1,040 Cod105,000
18 Rating46 Cod1,120 Cod120,000
19 Rating50 Cod1,200 Cod135,000
20 Rating54 Cod1,280 Cod150,000
21 Rating58 Cod1,360 Cod165,000
22 Rating62 Cod1,440 Cod180,000
23 Rating66 Cod1,520 Cod195,000
MAX Rating70 Cod1,600 Cod210,000
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