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There are currently 258 customers in the game.

  • For more information about a Customer's requirements, go check their page!
  • For more information about attracting a customer, see: Tips for Customers


Regular customers will visit when the player's restaurant meets the right requirements. If you got something they like (Facilities, Flowers, Food...) they will stop by!

Appearance Name Description
White Bunny.png White Bunny Little white bunny, ever so white; with two pointy ears, that stand upright.
Brown Bunny.png Brown Bunny Common wild rabbits that are good at digging holes.
Deer.png Deer The most common deer in the area. I wonder when they'll get those spots on their brown fur?
Mouse.png Mouse They're dirty and like boasting about how many places they've been.
Striped Yellow Jackal.png Striped Yellow Jackal They're always chanting 'Fresh guts!' and 'Yay, guts!'
Badger.png Badger DON'T let him eat too many beans. If he farts, the entire restaurant is done for.
Spotted Deer.png Spotted Deer Everyone always thinks of this kind of spotted deer, but they're pretty rare around here.
Artist Badger.png Artist Badger He is overconfident about his talent, very fussy about food, and is always pulling all-nighters to make finishing touches... but nobody has ever seen any of his paintings.
Wounded Bear.png Wounded Bear There's an unheard story behind the knife wound. The bear is a regular, and also our fish supplier!
Hedgehog.png Hedgehog They're covered in spines but still want to hug everyone.
Brown Wolf.png Brown Wolf They're highly sociable and always go out in groups, so different from cats!
Striped Jackal.png Striped Jackal They're very sensitive to expiration dates and like cold-tossed pancreas.
Blueberry Hedgehog.png Blueberry Hedgehog Blueberry fanatics.
Sheep.png Sheep During grazing season, they're all over the mountains and plains. A type of sheep from the neighbor's pasture.
Yellow Jackal.png Yellow Jackal They've got bright eyes and look like they're ready to pounce at any moment.
Swan.png Swan When he was little he thought he was a duck, but when he grew up he still thought he was a duck, so he's not too mean.
Wolf.png Wolf Normal wolves. They eat meat with every meal.
Scarred Bear.png Scarred Bear There's a faint scar on his belly. He always looks down.
Granny Wolf.png Granny Wolf Even though he's male, he's taken to wearing a silk scarf that he found somewhere and learned to tie from watching humans.
Border Collie.png Border Collie If you ever lose something, you can go find them. They can get it back with a single sniff and never ask for compensation.
French Bulldog.png French Bulldog They're quite pompous, and they all think they're of noble blood.
Bald Sheep.png Bald Sheep Isn't he cold? At the very least he could wear some clothes. Everyone feels kinda awkward looking at him.
Lop-Eared Rabbit.png Lop-Eared Rabbit They're always chewing on pieces of grass.
Beaver.png Beaver They handle all the woodworking in this area. The houses and furniture they make are all sturdy and durable. They're saving the money they earn to build an even bigger dam.
One-Eyed Papillon.png One-Eyed Papillon He's a dog of few words, and nobody dares talk to him. He seems to hate humans.
Fox.png Fox Even though he's fully grown, he still tries to act cute to get what he wants. Just give him whatever he asks for. The chef'll pay for it.
Raccoon.png Raccoon Their tummies are always rumbling, but they never go hungry.
Terrier.png Terrier They look like old men.
Field Dog.png Field Dog style="text-align: left;"|Has a bit of an underbite and may not be well-liked among humans. I hear they can't even live in the city.
Shiba.png Shiba They're always waiting for something by the intersection. Don't be fooled by their serious faces; they often think of something and start laughing.
Ostrich.png Ostrich We made the door higher just for them.
White Shiba.png White Shiba White, chubby foodies that only like sweets.
Paper Bagged Ostrich.png Paper Bagged Ostrich A shy guy.
Berry Hedgehog.png Berry Hedgehog They tend to worry, so they like to hoard food. They'll curl up into a ball if they get frightened.
Chocolate Lab.png Chocolate Lab These city-slickers get all suave whenever they see a human.
Chocolate Border Collie.png Chocolate Border Collie These city-slickers get all suave whenever they see a human.
Boar.png Boar They're related to pigs, but they've got an entirely different temper, so take care when you're serving them!
Black Shiba.png Black Shiba They love to go for walks and play tug-of-war.
Black Lab.png Black Lab Has unlimited energy, a huge appetite, good teeth, and stinky breath, possibly from chewing too many shoes...
Boston Terrier.png Boston Terrier The chef doesn't like these kinds of customers.
Merle Border Collie.png Merle Border Collie These dogs look super cool, but they'd rather play with people than dogs.
Pug.png Pug They're so stinky that the chef stays far away whenever he sees them, but they're welcomed by the other animals because they're good at playing dumb and listening in on the humans' secrets. They're always gossiping.
Corgi.png Corgi A stingy pup who likes fighting with others. If he breaks the tableware, make sure he pays up!
Speckled Pig.png Speckled Pig They used to be farm animals, but they were abandoned because they grew too fast. How could a pig NOT grow?
Husky.png Husky These easy-going kings of destruction are always liked by female dogs, but nobody cares for their wisdom.
Tri-Colored Corgi.png Tri-Colored Corgi As pretty as any other corgi.
Pig.png Pig They're always asking if they've lost weight...but they're still as chubby as ever.
Old Collie.png Old Collie You usually won't see them on rainy days.
Fennec Fox.png Fennec Fox They may look young, but they're actually menopausal! They always feel hot, so they like cold foods and drinks.
Penguin.png Penguin Don't ask me why there are penguins here. I have no idea! Everyone likes hearing their stories about faraway glaciers.
White-Collar Fox.png White-Collar Fox They're always in a hurry to pay and seem to do business with some dangerous man. We like these kinds of customers!
Lynx.png Lynx They look a bit strange... Nobody's seen this kind of cat before.
Dachshund.png Dachshund Loves waxing herself.
Rescue Dog.png Rescue Dog A pup of high morals who can tell you all about disasters.
Sloth.png Sloth These slots are probably more active than others, as they haven't got any mushrooms growing on them.
Polar Bear.png Polar Bear A homeless and rare type of bear.
Slim White Dog.png Slim White Dog She always likes to stay in shape.
Insta-Pup.png Insta-Pup He always has the latest mobile camera on his neck.
Flamingo.png Flamingo Enjoys sleep and has a slight inferiority complex.
Gnome.png Gnome He's rarely seen, but those who do see him will be in luck.
Mushroom Sloth.png Mushroom Sloth He's so lazy a mushroom's grown on his head.
Influencer Flamingo.png Influencer Flamingo She puts on sunglasses and thinks she's all that, but even influencers will go out in style!
Tiger.png Tiger Looks like he could be Jiji's distant relative.
Little Black Dog.png Little Black Dog Nobody knows what breed he is, but everyone likes him!
White Rabbit.png White Rabbit He's holding his watch like he's late for something.
Cheshire Cat.png Cheshire Cat He's always grinning. Don't believe anything he says! I do think I've seen him in some fairytale, though...
Reporter.png Reporter He's carrying a backpack and a camera. He doesn't seem like a bad guy.
Glamorous Lady.png Glamourous Lady This species has a penchant for leopard print.
Scotch Collie.png Scotch Collie Has a very long face.
Programmer's Dog.png Programmer's Dog The colors have been washed from his clothes.
Dalmatian.png Dalmatian A very loyal dog.
Party Puppy.png Party Puppy Just came back from a party without even removing her hat.
Green-Hat Gnome.png Green-Hat Gnome An even rarer gnome. If you see him, you'll be super-duper lucky!
Cici.png Cici A melancholy human girl.
Lucky Pig.png Lucky Pig Happy Year of the Pig! All is well in the world!
Shiba Puppy.png Shiba Puppy The shiba couple's pup. Chubby just like dad!
Alpaca.png Alpaca Super soft with a gentle personality. Be careful not to get too close though—you might get spat on!
Little Lion.png Little Lion Has a head of golden fur that makes the bald animals jealous. Loves meat, but is very gentle.
Abi.png Abi A bald programmer. He needs to be ready to fix bugs at any time, so he's always holding a computer.
Little Fox.png Little Fox A little red fox with a big, bushy tail.
Squirrel.png Squirrel Enjoys meddling in others' affairs.
Wild Duck.png Wild Duck Likes wetlands and ponds.
Wood-chuckin' Beaver.png Wood-chuckin' Beaver Hailing from Xinjiang, they have iconic paddle-shaped tails and are rarely seen nowadays.
Brown Horse.png Brown Horse People think he is lonely, but he enjoys his freedom. That is his nose, not his eyes.
Yorkie Mom.png Yorkie Mom Mom is a high class VIP member of the hair salon. She insists on eating walnuts and black sesame paste every day. She spends an average of 8 hours a day brushing her hair. While this might seem like a daily chore to others, she enjoys it very much.
Yorkie Dad.png Yorkie Dad Dad wants to go to the salon for a haircut, because his hair is so long that his eyes are covered. However, Mom says 'Hair gives us life! Cutting off your hair is like cutting away our life!'
Pink Piggie.png Pink Piggy Pink Piggy is always happy. His smile and chubby face can rid friends of all bad luck!
Yorkie Pup.png Yorkie Pup Pup is a boy but Mom insists that he not cut his hair, so he looks very cute. Everyone always compliments him, 'Such a cute little girl!'
Bean.png Bean Has sharp little teeth that are especially good at gnawing through cables.
Dr. Puppy.png Dr. Puppy The skin on his hand is peeling from repeated hand-washing. Has strange marks on his face.
Tsuki.png Moon Rabbit A rabbit with a story. He used to work in an office but quit to live in a small town in the country. He likes to fish.
Capybara.png Capybara The favorite kindergarten teacher of the children. She is peace-loving and takes good care of her health.
Pangolin Baby.png Pangolin Baby Got separated from his mother and is going around everywhere asking about her.
Pangolin Mama.png Pangolin Mama The gentle animal was caught by the poachers before but managed to escape. She is now looking for her own baby when she hears on the radio that some ancient book seems to have changed some things.
Guru.png Guru Gumi's distant cousin. She's a gentle and cute little girl, but Gumi is always afraid of her.
Red Squirrel.png Red Squirrel Fur as red as fire. Looks a bit like Little Fox.
Beaver Engineer.png Beaver Engineer A student learning ecological engineering with excellent results. Can build dams, help to fight drought, improve water quality, and even combat climate change.
Alaska.png Alaska A calm and composed big dog, but is often mistaken for Husky.
Asian Elephant.png Asian Elephant Tall and large. Likes playing with kids.
Hippopotamus.png Hippopotamus An unemployed youth who loves playing games.
Snow Leopard Pup.png Snow Leopard Pup Adorable but very playful, and a little rebellious too.
Snow Leopard.png Snow Leopard A father who is trying hard to learn parenting techniques.
Adventurer Stoat.png Adventurer Stoat Comes from a faraway planet. Rumor has it that she has been to countless places.


Special customers will not stay to eat, but when they visit, the player is able to interact with them. Each one of them has their own unique ability and will either help you, or annoy you.

There are currently 20 special customers in the game.

NOTE: Any special NPCs visiting will not return when the app is restarted.

Appearance Name Description
Rich Kid.png Rich Kid Doesn't care too much about money and just wants to travel around. Dreams of opening a restaurant.
Ad Salesman.png Ad Salesman Very shy and afraid of bring chased out, but still perseveres at work!
Cod-stealing Rabbit.png Cod-Stealing Rabbit Always borrows without returning. When will it end?
Skunk.png Skunk He's extremely troubled by his own habitual nature and can only try his best to avoid crowded spaces.
New Card Playing Mouse.png Card-Playing Mouse A famous magician in Las Vegas who excels at reading minds.
Wandering Singer.png Wandering Singer When the parrot begins to sing, the area becomes his own stage.
New Year Mouse.png New Year Mouse A costume borrowed from who knows where.
Rascal.png Rascal A mischievous rascal that everyone dislikes.
Rascal's Dad.png Rascal's Dad Behind every rascal, lurks a pair of rapscallion parents.
Rascal's Mom.png Rascal's Mom Behind every rascal, lurks a pair of rapscallion parents.
Christmas Elf.png Christmas Elf Quietly leaves presents while you're sleeping.
New Year Calf.png New Year Calf Likes traditional things and is always methodical.
Cowherd.png Cowherd We are like a pair of mandarin ducks.
Weaver Girl.png Weaver Girl Flying side by side through the world.
Dani.png Dani Will stop immediately when seeing something adorable.
Halloween Pumpkin.png Halloween Pumpkin Although he is a clown from the circus who amuses people, he doesn't like his job. He enjoys scaring little kids to tears.
Fortuneteller.png Fortuneteller The legendary Fortuneteller who can use the forest's mysterious forces, but whether or not you believe is up to you.
Mysterious Merchant.png Mysterious Merchant Covered head-to-toe in black, with eyes that peer all around. Likes shiny things, such as money.
Mister Roach.png Mister Roach This cutthroat competitor will stop at nothing to ruin our restaurant's business.
Halloween Ragdoll.png Halloween Ragdoll Made by an old tailor, this ragdoll set his heart on finding his little brother.


New Seasonal Customers will be added for each season, don't miss out! They can be attracted any time as long as all the requirements are fulfilled and their required flowers are placed in the vase(s). The current season doesn't have an effect on attracting them. You can obtain the required flower to attract them from the Gachapon Machine, the Mysterious Merchant, or the Wishing Well.

There are currently 15 seasonal customers in the game.

Appearance Name Description Season
Praying Samoyed.png Praying Samoyed A dog who loves going to shrines in the springtime to pray for himself and his friends. Spring
Tom.png Tom His droopy eyes make him look a bit down, but he's actually a very gentle cat. He's Gumi's friend. Spring
Duke Swallow.png Duke Swallow A foreign swallow here on holiday. Loves Chinese culture and food. Spring
Mister Gecko.png Mister Gecko A professional mosquito killer who often finds it hard to forget when he's not working. Spring
Penniless Toad.png Penniless Toad A poor and defeated toad who's always saying his savings are only in the double digits. He's unwilling to spend anything on himself, but he's always generous toward others. He only comes out on the hottest days. Summer
Little Turtle.png Little Turtle It's summer vacation! This little turtle is learning to find food at restaurants alone and wants to make more friends. Summer
Fashionable Zebra.png Fashionable Zebra A very fashionable zebra who is especially nit-picky and talkative. He thinks he's the top influencer. Summer
Tapir.png Tapir Summer is the season of many dreams. Maybe you'll meet him in your dreams. Summer
Hamster.png Hamster Its puffy cheeks are like a bottomless pit. Fall
Devil Squirrel.png Devil Squirrel Has quite a bad temper and is skittish, always running away at the slightest noise or movement. Fall
Wandering Bard.png Wandering Bard A little panda who enjoys traveling and adventure. He collects various stories and sings of them. Fall
Prawny.png Prawny Her friends think that she's a sophisticated and elegant teddy, but her personality is the opposite in private. Fall
Cher.png Cher A novice skier who injured her arm while skiing. Winter
Lady Snow Fox.png Lady Snow Fox Has a youthful appearance, and is always up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Winter
Mister Tibetan Fox.png Mister Tibetan Fox Lady Snow Fox's husband. He loves and respects her very much—if Lady Snow Fox says she's going east, he won't dare go west. Winter

Doll Figures[]

Doll Figure Customers can appear after collecting their figures from the Gachapon. The doll customers will not appear in the catalog until unlocked.

There are currently 24 doll figure customers in the game.

Doll Appearance Name Description
Painter penguin doll.png Painter Penguin Doll.png Painter Penguin Doll Clumsy and pessimistic, often blames himself for being good for nothing. Wishes to paint a new wall.
Kimono goose.png Kimono Goose.png Kimono Goose Just returned from a tour in Japan, still wearing a kimono. Complains about how her feet hurt but refuses to take off the clogs.
Unyoung lady.png Unyoung Lady.png Unyoung Lady Age is just a number, you are never too old to do something.
Hip hop toad.png Hip-hop Toad.png Hip-hop Toad Got hooked onto hip-hop recently. Settles differences with rap battles.
Picnic lop-eared rabbit.png Picnic Lop-Eared Rabbit.png Picnic Lop-Eared Rabbit Fears loneliness. Often tries to blend into other's social circles.
Sporty dog.png Sporty Dog.png Sporty Dog Has a workout plan to complete. Bought some new clothes of subpar quality, but they will suffice.
Indoor toad.png Indoor Toad.png Indoor Toad Loves staying at home. Snacks and dramas are enough.
Uniformed shiba puppy.png Uniformed Shiba Puppy.png Uniformed Shiba Puppy Loves going to school in the new uniform. Hides candies in its pocket.
Uniformed yorkie pup.png Uniformed Yorkie Pup.png Uniformed Yorkie Pup Received the wrong uniform from the teacher. Hates being jeered by his peers.
Student samoyed.png Student Samoyed.png Student Samoyed Looks happy and carefree, but his faint smile hides dark secrets.
Bully husky.png Bully Husky.png Bully Husky Husky in his high school days, very particular about being manly.
Student president merle border collie.png Student President Merle Border Collie.png Student President Merle Border Collie A student who is self-disciplined, the role model for everyone.
Hanfu White Bunny Doll.png Hanfu White Bunny.png Hanfu White Bunny A refined, elegant, classical rabbit.
Starstruck Corgi Doll.png Starstruck Corgi.png Starstruck Corgi Aaaaahh, my idol is the best in the world!
Ballet Piggy Doll.png Ballet Piggy.png Ballet Piggy A piggy can be graceful and charming too!
Lucky Doll.png Lucky Customer.png Lucky Wishing you a fortunate new year!
Prospero Doll.png Prospero.png Prospero Wishing you a year of progress!
Hale Doll.png Hale.png Hale Wishing you a healthy new year!
Wild Duck Navigator Doll.png Wild Duck Navigator.png Wild Duck Navigator One small step for me, one big step for the ducks!
Little Racer Doll.png Little Racer.png Little Racer Beep! I lose if I see the tail lights of the toy car.
Tropical Island Doll.png Tropical Island.png Tropical Island Move your body to the rhythm of the waves.
White Shiba Bride Doll.png White Shiba Bride.png White Shiba Bride Wearing a white wedding dress on this special day.
Shiba Groom Doll.png Shiba Groom.png Shiba Groom I do!
Little Turtle Sailor Doll.png Little Turtle Sailor.png Little Turtle Sailor He has a small body but a big dream to conquer the seas.

Booth Owners[]

Booth Owner Customers will appear at the Fishing Pond when attracted with the right type of Fish.

There are currently 61 booth owners in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Traditional Popcorn.png Traditional Popcorn Very traditional popcorn. It creates an explosive bang while cooking.
Old Joe.png Old Joe Old Joe's wife sets up a stall outside the school gate everyday, while Old Joe pulls customers in the streets. The Chicky's Ends they grill are liked by all students.
Portrait Drawing Booth.png Portrait Drawing Booth Inelegantly collects ten dollars for each portrait. Though every person looks about the same, the queue is rather long.
Sketch Artist.png Sketch Artist Elegantly drawing something.
Picnicking Rabbit.png Picnicking Rabbit The rabbit picnicking alone is enjoying a pile of food with just a tinge of loneliness.
Hillside's Stinkiest.png Hillside's Stinkiest Nobody knows how this Fried Tofu is made, nor do we dare ask.
Picnicking Duck.png Picnicking Duck Camping isn't an easy thing for a family of eight.
Prosperity Pineapple.png Prosperity Pineapple Toad's Pineapple Shop. Free if it ain't sweet!
Wholegrain Pancake.png Wholegrain Pancake Add sausage. Add chicken fillet. Add crisp fritter.
Convenience Buns.png Convenience Buns Convenient, hygienic and tasty microwave buns.
Love-filled Buns.png Love-filled Buns Buns just as advertised.
Reverie Cotton Candy.png Reverie Cotton Candy Perhaps only those with hearts filled with love can make delicious cotton candy.
Slum Cotton Candy.png Slum Cotton Candy Full of childhood memories.
Stray Wild Panda.png Stray Wild Panda Looks familiar. Is it the panda? But he's very dirty and skinny.
Scavenging Skinny Dog.png Scavenging Skinny Dog Give him your unwanted clothes and plastic bottles. He'll be very grateful.
Booth Owner 16.png Candied Hawthorn Very sweet! Strawberries and hawthorns available!
Booth Owner 17.png Mouse Market The worst mouse in the world left the circus and opened a market with his own savings. Rumors say that there's even an online store now. Try looking up 'Mouse Market'.
Booth Owner 18.png Flower Shop Shiba Liang is very gentle, even to flowers.
Booth Owner 19.png Bunny's Back Garden The shop owner thinks that flowers can bring happiness. That's why he opened a flower shop, in hopes that everyone will find their happiness.
Garden Plot.png Garden Plot He only does three things everyday: reading, eating and watering flowers.
Booth Owner 21.png Cut Cake The boss's eyes hide dollar signs.
Floras Ring Toss.png Flora's Ring Toss Chance to earn a wood carving of the Chef, personally carved by Flora.
Booth Owner 22.png Bamboo Hot and Sour Noodles Boss Wiggins, the creator of the Bamboo Hot and Sour Noodles, is well-loved by those who prefer mild-tasting food.
Terrible Pancake.png Terrible Pancake Only when others say your food taste awful, then it is really awful. What are you doing criticizing your own food?
Booth Owner 24.png Japanese Cuisine The boss usually speaks little but, occasionally, late at night, he chats with lonely customers about the things they want to do in the future.
Raccoon's Takoyaki.png Raccoon's Takoyaki Takoyaki is especially popular with youngsters.
Rabbit's Breakfast.png Rabbit's Breakfast The best of the peddlers in the village, Top3, has extraordinary peddling skills and is planning to publish a book called 'Peddling'.
Booth Owner 27.png Hedgehog's Breakfast Has just graduated from highschool and is temporarily manning the stall for his family during the holidays, though he thinks this is harder than confessing to a girl.
Booth Owner 28.png Sweet Malt Candy A traditional delight with a long history. Two dollars to spin the left wheel and five to spin the right, which is said to be easier to get the dragon, but ends up giving the quail every time...
Booth Owner 29.png Scavenging Puppies and Kitties A cool doggo turned gentle thanks to a kitty's company.
Beancurd Dessert.png Beancurd Dessert Shiba's specialty beancurd.
Booth Owner 31.png Bowl Pudding Smooth and delicious, rich and aromatic.
Booth Owner 32.png Ice Cream Stall Sweet and yummy!
Booth Owner 33.png Golden Fried Potatoes Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Looks really delicious!
Booth Owner 34.png American Hot Dog A very big serving. You'll feel full after just half of it.
Booth Owner 35.png Honeydew Shaved Ice Made from natural ice straight from Antarctica.
Booth Owner 36.png Traditional Bowl Pudding Traditional Bowl Pudding has an even richer taste!
Booth Owner 37.png Fresh Glutinous Rice Cake A common childhood snack, but hardly seen any more.
Booth Owner 38.png Egg Waffle The egg waffle of childhood smells really appetizing.
Booth Owner 39.png Tailor Liu After years of sewing and mending clothes, his technique is top-notch.
Booth Owner 40.png Love Salon Professional hairdresser. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Booth Owner 41.png Fried Quail Eggs Fried to a golden brown. It tastes even better with condiments.
Booth Owner 42.png Ice Cream Truck Many flavors to choose from. Bring your own stool!
Street Stall Hiring.png Street Stall Hiring Although he is wearing a paper bag over his head, he looks really familiar!
Summer Iced Jelly.png Summer Iced Jelly A bowl of handmade iced jelly full of ingredients on a hot summer day is one of the best indulgences in life!
Piggy's Crawdads.png Piggy's Crawdads The customers are all frequent patrons, and the stall often stays open till 2 or 3 in the morning.
Skillful Massage.png Skillful Massage The therapist has top-tier techniques and strength but is also quite talkative.
Rainbow Shop Stationery.png Rainbow Shop Stationery Often gets lost in storybooks and forgets that customers are here.
Bicycle Repairs.png Bicycle Repairs Always has dirty face and palms.
Encounters Photo Studio.png Encounters Photo Studio Starts to feel uncomfortable if they don't take a few photos every day.
Love Tribe.png Love Tribe Has a gaze filled with countless stories.
Fortunetelling.png Fortunetelling Has a mysterious look.
Professional Protectors.png Professional Protectors I hear they were an office worker back in the day.
Gold Tooth Antiques.png Gold Tooth Antiques Equally honest with all customers!
Another Roujiamo.png Another Roujiamo Another, and another! There's no stopping!
Swift Roti Prata.png Swift Roti Prata I recommend the pineapple flavor. It's sweet, crunchy, and delicious!
Trendy Braid.png Trendy Braid Just by looking at it, you know it was braided by a master!
Uncle's Roasted Sweet Potato.png Uncle's Roasted Sweet Potato Want a sweet potato? It'll make your winter days warmer!
Inconspicuous Roasted Chestnuts.png Inconspicuous Roasted Chestnuts Otto's been roasting chestnuts here for years, just waiting for that girl with the braces...
Romantic Hot Air Balloon.png Romantic Hot Air Balloon I want to bring you to the romantic Oak Bay!
Budget Witchs Soup.png Budget Witchs Soup Huh? Why does this bowl of soup taste kinda... gooey and salty?


Performers will appear at the Courtyard Concert when attracted with Invite.

There are currently 24 Performers in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Cutie White Bunny.png Cutie White Bunny A member of the Cutie Girlies. Behind her cute appearance is a skillful rapper.
Cutie Hamster.png Cutie Hamster A member of the Cutie Girlies. She may be short, but her dancing dominates the stage!
Cutie Goose.png Cutie Goose A member of the Cutie Girlies. She has a very special voice and is a very special lead singer.
Cutie Guru.png Cutie Guru A member of the Cutie Girlies. The secret powerhouse of the group.
Little Piggy Angel.png Little Piggy Angel A member of the Little Angels Chorus. Likes singing and dancing and is working hard to improve her singing.
Little Turtle Angel.png Little Turtle Angel A member of the Little Angels Chorus. The leader of the group and a born singer.
Little Yorkie Angel.png Little Yorkie Angel A member of the Little Angels Chorus. Loves singing but is completely tone deaf.
Little Shiba Angel.png Little Shiba Angel A member of the Little Angels Chorus. Is happiest when singing along with everyone!
Bassist Toad.png Bassist Toad A member of The Croaks. A perfect gentleman.
Guitarist Toad.png Guitarist Toad A member of The Croaks. Is extremely passionate about music and often indulges in it.
Vocalist Toad.png Vocalist Toad A member of The Croaks. Loves the band and has a steadfast heart.
Drummer Toad.png Drummer Toad A member of The Croaks. Doesn't talk much.
Vocalist Samoyed.png Vocalist Samoyed Founder of Sakura Soda. Killer move: A smile that cures all sadness.
Guitarist Husky.png Guitarist Husky Member of Sakura Soda. His aloofness draws a lot of attention from the girls.
Bassist Border Collie.png Bassist Border Collie Member of Sakura Soda. For straight-A students, everything is a breeze, including bass.
Accompanist Penguin.png Accompanist Penguin Member of Sakura Soda. He only shakes the maracas when you think he's slacking off.
Lead Dancer Slim White Dog.png Lead Dancer Slim White Dog Member of Nebulae. Has 8 years of dancing experience. Loves life, but loves dancing even more.
Lead Singer Dalmatian.png Lead Singer Dalmatian Member of Nebulae. Has a sweet voice that can heal your heart.
Rapper Bean.png Rapper Bean Member of Nebulae. An energetic rapper.
Leader Scotch Collie.png Leader Scotch Collie Member of Nebulae. An all-rounded leader that everyone counts on.
Leader Pug.png Leader Pug Member of Ball Lightning. With his knack for music, he provides an emotional anchor for all members.
Guitarist Jackal.png Guitarist Jackal Member of Ball Lightning. Wild on stage, quiet off stage.
Appears rather aloof.
Bassist Brown Wolf.png Bassist Brown Wolf Member of Ball Lightning. Always with a smile on his face,
he seems to have a hidden glorious past.
DJ Wolf.png DJ Wolf Member of Ball Lightning. Great at livening up the atmosphere.


Event-limited Customers are limited to the event they belong to. The event customers will not appear in the catalog until unlocked.

There are currently 19 event customers in the Customers Catalog.

Halloween Customers[]

There are currently 13 Halloween customers in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Halloween Pumpkin.png Halloween Pumpkin Although he is a clown from the circus who amuses people, he doesn't like his job. He enjoys scaring little kids to tears.
Clown.png Clown Little children hide in fright when they see the clown (not exactly). Can you guess who this is?
Vampire.png Vampire The clothes don't really fit. Can you guess who this is?
Werewolf.png Werewolf Will grow muscles and fangs when the moon is full. The werewolf even wear underwear. Can you guess who this is?
Ghoul.png Ghoul Bed sheets cannot hide the big tail. Can you guess who this is?
Mummy.png Mummy Tightly-wrapped bandages, freshly resurrected from inside the pyramid. Can you guess who this is?
Witch.png Witch Graduated from Hogwarts, but unable to find a job. Can you guess who this is?
Infernal Emissary.png Infernal Emissary This robed figure comes and goes like a shadow, with a hat covering most of their face.
Old Captain.png Old Captain A mean-looking old captain. Shh, don't talk about his height to his face!
Hopping Zombie.png Hopping Zombie Its legs may be short, but it sure can jump!
Little Dino.png Little Dino A dinosaur that loves every second of work.
Halloween Ragdoll.png Halloween Ragdoll Made by an old tailor, this ragdoll set his heart on finding his little brother.
Gnome Bean.png Gnome Bean Loves to wield its wand and make things disappear.

Lunar New Year Customers[]

There are currently 5 Lunar New Year customers in the game.

Appearance Name Description
New Year Mouse.png New Year Mouse A costume borrowed from who knows where.
Rascal.png Rascal A mischievous rascal that everyone dislikes.
Rascal's Dad.png Rascal's Dad Behind every rascal, lurks a pair of rapscallion parents.
Rascal's Mom.png Rascal's Mom Behind every rascal, lurks a pair of rapscallion parents.
New Year Calf.png New Year Calf Likes traditional things and is always methodical.

Christmas Customer[]

There are currently 1 Christmas customer in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Christmas Elf.png Christmas Elf Quietly leaves presents while you're sleeping.

Qixi Event Customer[]

There are currently 2 Qixi Event customers in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Cowherd.png Cowherd We are like a pair of mandarin ducks.
Weaver Girl.png Weaver Girl Flying side by side through the world.

Blind Box Memento Event Customer[]

There are currently 1 Blind Box Memento Event customers in the game.

Appearance Name Description
Dani.png Dani Will stop immediately when seeing something adorable.

Anniversary Customer[]

Prince Michael only visits the Restaurant from 18.09.2020 to 15.12.2020. He will not appear in the catalog.

Appearance Name Description
Prince Michael.png Prince Michael Me name is Michael. Prince Michael. Me lyke fish. And me lyke naps. But me LOVE my best friend Aaron. Follow our adventures on YouTube.

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