Chef Gumi can be unlocked by sharing to Facebook in order to get hiring rights.


Chef Gumi is the Chef of Animal Restaurant. He can send the Kitchen into a frenzy, increasing the cooking speed for a period of time before resting.

Wearable MementosEdit

Gumi can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Rainbow Hat
Rainbow Hat
Rating+15 Serve Granny Wolf 235 times.
Swim Cap
Swim Cap
Rating+60 Restaurant in business for 14 days. Serve Swan to get.
Memento-Influencer Flamingo
Rating+15 Serve Influencer Flamingo 18 times.
Green Hat
Green Hat
Rating+15 Serve Green-Hat Gnome 4 times.
Unknown Memento 7
Hat with Braids
Rating+15 Serve Cici 20 times. Sell 100 Coconut Cassia Wine.
Elf Hat
Elf Hat
Rating+135 Complete seasonal Christmas gifts. Wishing Well.
Pirate hat
Pirate Hat
Rating+10 Purchasable via the Signature Store.
Heart-shaped Sunglasses
Heart-shaped Sunglasses
Rating+10 Purchasable via the Signature Store.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Cooking Speed Cooking Time Rest Time Cost
HIRE Rating20 100% 60s 300s Cod15,000
1 Rating30 100% 65s 300s Cod11,000
2 Rating40 100% 70s 300s Cod14,000
3 Rating50 100% 75s 300s Cod17,000
4 Rating60 100% 80s 300s Cod20,000
5 Rating70 150% 85s 300s Cod23,000
6 Rating80 150% 90s 300s Cod26,000
7 Rating90 150% 95s 300s Cod40,000
8 Rating100 150% 100s 300s Cod70,000
9 Rating110 150% 105s 300s Cod100,000
10 Rating120 200% 110s 300s Cod140,000
11 Rating130 200% 115s 300s Cod180,000
12 Rating140 200% 120s 300s Cod220,000
13 Rating150 200% 125s 300s Cod260,000
14 Rating160 200% 130s 300s Cod300,000
15 Rating180 250% 135s 250s Cod340,000
16 Rating200 250% 140s 250s Cod380,000
17 Rating220 250% 145s 250s Cod540,000
18 Rating240 250% 150s 250s Cod620,000
19 Rating260 250% 155s 250s Cod700,000
20 Rating280 300% 160s 250s Cod780,000
21 Rating300 300% 165s 250s Cod860,000
22 Rating320 300% 170s 250s Cod940,000
23 Rating340 300% 175s 250s Cod1,020,000
MAX Rating360 300% 180s 250s Cod1,100,000
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