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The Buffet is one of the upgrades available for the restaurant, located downwards the Restaurant. This area allows the player to earn Cod.pngCod and ​Plates.pngPlates offline.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

The Buffet can be unlocked for Cod.png150,000 when the Restaurant rating has reached Rating.png800.

Chef's Secret.png Tutorial
My grandfather once told me that having a buffet means you have the ultimate freedom!
Here's a conveyor belt! You'll need it to give everyone good buffet food.
The conveyor belt can work continuously for a maximum of 12 hours, so don't get lazy. Remember to come back and check often!

Staff[edit | edit source]

The Buffet is where Temp Worker Yolky exclusively works. Lucky the Cashier can also work in this area.

Working[edit | edit source]

In the Update 5.1, a new feature was added to allow you to invite friends to work part-time at the Buffet. Each friend working will increase the buffet's revenue by 10% for 4 hours. Your friends will earn plates as rewards once they finish working.

To invite a player to work in your buffet, you will need to share your link to Facebook, Line, Twitter or directly to someone by clicking the more option (...). Keep in mind that the link will expire after 30 minutes.

Update v8.2.0.g:

  • Yolky has now a passive plate income. Every 4 hours Yolky earns a certain the amount of Plates.pngPlates based on his raise level.
  • Player can still send themselves and Yolky to work at somebody else's restaurant, by clicking their invite link, in order to earn Plates.pngPlates. The bubble speech in the Buffet area shows where the Player/Yolky is working.
  • Player can collect the wages by clicking the clock at the entrance of the Buffet and double the amount of plate by watching an ad.
  • Player earns a fix amount of Plates.png200 every 4 hours. Yolky earns the same amount of Plates.pngPlates based on his raise level.

Facilities[edit | edit source]

To see all the facilities in this area, go to: Facilities/Buffet.

Get Together[edit | edit source]

Every so often, some customers will want to have dinner parties at the buffet in exchange for Plates.pngPlates. Each party group has a maximum number of four guests that are randomly selected among the options.

Party Group Host Dialogue
White BunnyBrown BunnyMouseDeer White Bunny "I hear the Buffet's opened! We're here to support you!"

"Wow, it's delicious! Hopefully you get lots of business, boss!"
Brown Wolf Striped Yellow JackalStriped Jackal
Granny WolfWolf
Any "Excuse me, are there any seats at your Buffet? I want to have a get-together with my friends here."

"I haven't been this happy in a long time. Your food is absolutely delicious!"
Slim White Dog Scotch CollieProgrammer's Dog Dalmatian Any "Excuse me, are there any seats at your Buffet? I want to have a get-together with my friends here."

"I haven't been this happy in a long time. Your food is absolutely delicious!"
Boar Speckled PigLucky Pig Pig Any "Hngg, me and my friends wanna hold an eating competition here! Don't worry, we'll treat you guys fairly!"

"We didn't decide a champion this time. We'll be back next time, though!"
Little Fox Squirrel Any "We want to hold a big tail seminar here. Where can we sit?"
Paper Bagged Ostrich OstrichFlamingo Influencer Flamingo Any "The tables at the other restaurants are all too low, so it's tiring for us to eat! If the tables here are the right height, then we'll all come eat here next time!"

"The tables are a little low, but luckily the food is good!"
Green-Hat Gnome GnomeCheshire Cat White Rabbit Any "Shh, we just sneaked out from another party. Quickly, take us to our seats. We'll head back as soon as we're finished eating!"
Artist Badger Badger Badger "I'm feeling really unsure about my future, and I'm not sure what I wanna do, so I invited my senior out to eat with me here. Do you still have seats?

I'll be back as soon as I find a job!"
Wild Duck Swan Swan "Lately I feel like I've hit a bottleneck with my swimming, so I invited a senior swimmer to meet with me and give me some pointers. Please don't disturb us later."
White-Collar Fox Fox Fox "I'm about to graduate, but I don't really know how to quickly and easily get my bearings. I invited my cousin out to eat with me today so I can ask him what I should do."

"I'll be back as soon as I find a job!"
Striped JackalWolfDeerBeaverHuskyBlack LabSpotted DeerTigerField DogReporterInsta-PupProgrammer's DogBerry Hedgehog Any "I wanna book the whole restaurant, got it?

"Put it on my card!"
Glamourous LadyGlamourous LadyGlamourous LadyGlamourous Lady Glamourous Lady "I hear you have a discount today!"

"The food's really good. If it were a bit cheaper, then it'd be perfect!"
Little Turtle Shiba PuppyPangolin Baby Yorkie Pup Any (Softly) "Boss... Can my classmates and I eat here later? We’ve brought money!"

"Thanks boss! It was delicious!"
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