Apricat can be unlocked with Cod15,000 in the staff menu.


Apricat moves around the Restaurant, Kitchen and Garden sweeping up trash for a certain amount of time, depending on their raise level, and then rests.

Wearable MementosEdit

Apricat can wear the following Mementos:

Item Bonus Requirements
Big Head Mask
Big Head Mask
Rating+30 Rewarded during the Lunar New Year event. Obtained via Gachapon.
Straw Hat
Straw Hat
Rating+15 Serve Merle Border Collie 140 times.
Memento-Gachapon 15
Twin Buns
Rating+85 Obtained via Gachapon.
White Beard
White Beard
Rating+15 Serve Terrier 220 times.
Wild Flower Garland
Wild Flower Garland
Rating+15 Serve Berry Hedgehog 185 times.

Raise UpgradesEdit

LVL Rating Tips/minute Sweep Time Rest Time Cost
HIRE Rating4 12 150 sec. 250 sec. Cod15,000
1 Rating7 14 155 sec. 245 sec. Cod6,000
MAX Rating86 60 270 sec. 130 sec. Cod?
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