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This is a collaborative encyclopedia for the mobile game Animal Restaurant developed by the Chinese Studio 2Miles and published by DH-Games.
Here there are currently 743 pages and 14,045 edits made since the wiki started on October 27, 2019!


September 2nd 2021

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August 25th 2021

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This heartwarming management simulation game all starts with a stray cat in the forest. You're the owner of Animal Restaurant. Will you take in this clumsy, dirty kitty and let him work at your restaurant?
You can learn all kinds of recipes, like Taiyaki, Strawberry Pancake , Shaved Ice, and Spaghetti! There's even Pizza and Avocado Sandwich!
Mix and match all styles of furniture. We've got European-style dessert tables, Japanese-style fences, and Mediterranean-style ovens! You can also have an Alice in Wonderland-style garden tea party!
Hire cute feline staff, including a ragdoll cat, a tabby cat, and a big orange cat! You've also got to get on good terms with an eccentric chef!
As long as you work hard, you'll always have a steady stream of customers. Will you chat with this diverse crowd of customers? Will you listen to their thoughts, or argue with them? Learn about the customers' stories through chats and letters. You can even participate and change their lives. Hear about secrets, gossip and tear-jerking experiences.
All of this and more can be found at Animal Restaurant—a simple yet cozy and cute restaurant that's all yours!
Come open a restaurant and start your story!

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