PageIcon Requirements

Exclamation1 Picky: Rating must reach Rating14,000
Required Food: Cupcake, Hot Pot, Cola, Spaghetti
Prerequisite(s): Obtain New Zealand Journal Page 1.
Lives in:

Icon-Cellphone Promo City

First VisitEdit

Dori the Promoter Dori the Promoter
Mister Alpaca, you look a lot like the drawing of the animal on this journal page we found. Is this page yours?

Yes, yes! A girl who traveled to New Zealand on vacation drew it for me. I think it looks just like me! Maybe I accidentally dropped it.

Dori the Promoter Dori the Promoter
Then this time you'd better take care to put it away. Who wouldn't want their own portrait?

I have lots more! I'll show them to you next time. But I just packed my bags, and forgot where I put them!

Heat-intolerant Alpaca's Order Edit

The weather hasn't been too hot lately, but this New Zealander Alpaca is already too lazy to eat out and has instead started ordering takeout.


Cod+88888 Rating+88 Time: 13hrs

Taking a new order:

Alpaca Alpaca
Hey! It's waaaay too hot outside. Can I order takeout tomorrow?

Dori the Promoter
Of course you can. But could you come down to grab it? We're too busy and don't have anyone to deliver it.
Dori the Promoter

Order finished:

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